Shakira Car Accident 2023: Death Hoax Debunked, Health Update

Shakira car accident news has been making headlines as the prominent musician disclosed the details in a recent interview.

Apart from that, the Colombian singer and songwriter has been the target of a malicious death hoax that claims she died in a car accident.

What happened to the Barranquilla native? With so many rumors and speculations circulating online, it is time to get to the bottom of the matter.

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Shakira Car Accident 2023: Health Update

The Columbian superstar Shakira faced a dangerous accident during filming for the song “Copa Vacia.”

Shakira accident at the set of the song “Copa Vacia” has garnered huge public attention. (Image Source: Vanity Fair)

After achieving success in 2023 with songs like “Music Sessions 53”, “TQG,” and “Acrostico,” Shakira collaborated with her fellow Colombian Manuel Turizo for the song “Copa Vacia.” The video came out on 29 June this year.

The Queen of Latin Music told Primer Impacto, “It was a very long shoot; the fish tank broke, and the set started to flood.”

Shakira revealed she could not get out because she wore a mermaid tail. They had to lift her out with a crane in a chaotic scene.

The versatile musician was glad it was only a story to tell, and she was not injured.

She also disclosed that Turizo had warned her about the risk of the tank breaking, but she dismissed him. Later, she said he was right, and his prediction came true.

Furthermore, rumors have also claimed that the Barranquilla-born artist got into a car accident.

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Contrary to the baseless rumors, the renowned musician Shakira did not get into a car accident in 2023.

Confusion might have arisen as there was another person named Shakira Adams who was involved in a fatal car crash in Canberra, Australia, in May 2022.

Adams allegedly killed Matthew McLuckie, a 20-year-old airport worker, by driving at high speed on the wrong side of the road. Adams has been charged with manslaughter and is awaiting trial.

Shakira Death Hoax Debunked

Shakira’s fans and well-wishers can rest assured that the singer is alive & well and that the death news is entirely false.

The accomplished songwriter has been the target of a malicious death hoax that claims she died in a car accident.

The hoax has been circulating online through a fake Facebook page titled “RIP Shakira” and an email that contains a malware attachment.

The email, written in Spanish, alleges that Shakira’s manager was driving the car when the accident happened in La Macarena, Colombia. However, it is false.

Shakira AccidentShakira graced the red carpet at the 2023 Latin Grammys. (Image Source: People)

It should be noted that the singer attended the 2023 Latin Grammy Awards recently, where the Colombian superstar took the stage twice.

She delivered a heartfelt performance of her “Acróstico,” a Song of the Year nominee.

Shakira dazzled in a sparkling gold dress with a Virgin Mary image and a shiny mic as she moved gracefully to a grand piano where her partner played along.

The Latin star showed her majestic presence while expressing the deepest love and the most delicate emotion in the pop ballad, which is dedicated to her two sons, Milan and Sasha.

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The broadcast showed clips of Milan and Sasha, who also appear in the song.

In conclusion, Shakira is not dead, and the rumors are completely unfounded.

The superstar is still active and successful in her musical career, as she performed at the 2023 Latin Grammy Awards.

The death hoax is a malicious attempt to spread misinformation and harm the singer’s reputation. Therefore, it should be ignored.

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