Rhys Bonner Murder Case: Body Found After 3 Years- What Did Donna Drummond Do?

Rhys Bonner murder case has been discussed for three years since his death. People are curious to learn more about the issue. 

Rhys Bonner went missing from his home in July 2019. Soon after that, his mother filed a complaint, and the investigation got held just the day after he went missing. 

After two weeks of missing, his body was found half naked in the marshland between Easterhouse and Gartloch Village.

After the body existed in the place, the body was investigated within a day or two. His death certificate says that the reason for his death was ‘unascertained.’

His mother, Stephanie Bonner, was not satisfied with the reason the Police department revealed, so he started her investigation, and he was investigated for almost three years.

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Rhys Bonner Murder Case: Body Found After 3 Years

Bonner’s body was found two weeks after his death, but his mother was not satisfied with the Police investigation. 

His mother claims she carried out her investigation, and officers agreed on no one in her family.

Before starting her investigation, she begged Police to find out more about the case, filed around 26 complaints and found out four of her complaints were not taken seriously by the Police. 

Stephanie said that some of the Police might have made some mistake or have been involved in the case, so there is no evidence; she added that they did not mention where the body existed.

As noted by Vizaca, Stephanie said, “I still don’t know where my son’s body was recovered. It’s horrendous. I miss him with every breath, and I wake up every day and lose my boy again.”

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Rhys Bonner Murder, Two mothers believe they are living through something even more painful. (Image Source: STV News)

She fights for Rhys’s justice; she works with PIRC. After some time PIRC report said that he was using some kind of drugs, and it was found in the report, but his family denied that he uses drugs.

His mother has not lost hope even after three years of his death; she is fighting and holding back to herself and saying she has to be strong and look after Rhys siblings.

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What Did Donna Drummond Do?

Donna Drummond is the one with whom Rhys Bonner was seen for the last time before he went missing. 

Drummond was seen on CCTV in Balcurive Road provanhall. They were seen together going into a general area where the misuse of alcohol and drugs took place. 

About the suspect, nothing was done to Drummond; Rhys’s family mentioned Police knew the suspect and had been involved with her. 

'Vulnerable' Barlanark teenager Rhys Bonner last seen in a CCTV footage.‘Vulnerable’ Barlanark teenager Rhys Bonner was last seen in a CCTV footage. (Image Source: Glasgow Live)

She is the only suspect found in the case, and no other suspect has been out till now. 

Bonner’s family mentioned that he was not treated well by the Police department when they found the body; his body was dragged away from the area he existed. 

The audience has been asking to first minister to help in getting answers to complaints and why RHYS Bonner was treated with a lack of respect, empathy, and compassion.

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Following the news of the 19-year-old boy’s murder in 2019 clearly shows that Police department was involved, so the murderer is still out there. 

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Rhys Bonner Mother Stephanie Bonner Unable To Get A Closure

It is hard for parents to find peace after they lose their kids. Obviously, the untimely death of one’s child is painful, and one can never move on in life from that fact. 

Moreover, Stephaine Bonner’s situation is also the same. As of now, we already know her baby boy went missing three years ago, and after two weeks of missing, he was found dead in the marshland between Easterhouse.

After some time, police closed Rhys Bonner’s file; however, his mom could never stop herself from finding the truth behind her son’s death. Although there is no new evidence that points toward her baby killer, she still runs her investigation.

To sum up, Stephaine is still in search of her son’s murderer and hasn’t found closure.  Moreover, she also once said,  

“I just want to know exactly what happened to my son and to have my concerns about how police conducted themselves addressed.” She added,

“The complaint to the Pirc was made over two-and-a-half years ago and I’m still waiting on an outcome. I would like to know why it has taken so long. I need answers about how Police Scotland handled Rhys’ death and exactly where his half-naked body was found 15 days after he went missing.”

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She continued, “I can’t even go and put flowers on the place he died because we don’t know the exact location. It’s tearing me apart not knowing what happened to my beautiful boy. No mother should have to go through this kind of torment.” In addition,

“The person who is handling my complaint at Pirc has had an inordinate amount of time to reach a conclusion. At the end of the day, we are a grieving family, and this is just causing more hurt. I’m unable to get any closure.”

Stephanie Bonner’s statements clearly show how much in pain she is; it also reflects she won’t be at peace until and unless she finds her son’s killer and learns the truth behind the tragedy. 

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