Ifunanya Lawyer Leaked Video And Photo Viral On Twitter: Excel Grant Instagram

Ifunanya Lawyer’s leaked video caused a lot of controversies and mixed reactions among Nigerians on Twitter.

Recently, the Nigerian social media space has been filled with many controversies and scandals, with the latest being the leaked nude video of a young Nigerian lawyer, Ifunanya. 

The video, which went viral on Twitter, has caused a lot of uproars and mixed reactions from Nigerians, with some condemning the act while others sympathizing with the lawyer. 

Aside from the video, there have been reports about the lawyer’s extravagant lifestyle, with claims of her charging for nude pictures. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the controversy surrounding Ifunanya, her leaked video, and her alleged extravagant lifestyle.

Ifunanya Lawyer Leaked Video Viral On Twitter

Twitter was thrown into chaos as a video of a young Nigerian lawyer, identified as Ifunanya, went viral on the platform. 

Miss Ifunanya Excel Grant Esq, a controversial young lawyer, has shared new provocative images on her social media handle, declaring herself as a “corporate gangster”. (Source: barristerng.com)

The video, which showed the lawyer engaging in a sexual act, quickly gained the attention of Nigerians, with many sharing and commenting on the video. The video was said to have been leaked by an unknown individual and has since caused much controversy in the Nigerian legal community.

Many Nigerians have condemned leaking the video, as it violates the lawyer’s privacy. The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) also released a statement condemning the act and promising to investigate the matter. 

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The NBA stated that the lawyer’s privacy should be respected, and those responsible for the leak should be brought to justice.

Ifunanya Lawyer Denies The Post

The controversy surrounding Ifunanya Excel Grant began when a post she allegedly made went viral on social media. 

The post showed her provocatively dressed, smoking a Cuban cigar, and celebrating her legal career with the caption, “I did it! I’ll always be proud of myself! A gangster Party with me.”

However, in a statement provided to TheNigeriaLawyer, Ifunanya denied the post, stating that the Facebook account displaying the image was not operated by her. According to her, the post was the work of scammers who stole her photo and created fake accounts impersonating her.

Ifunanya is an Instagram model, and she claims that many scammers have stolen pictures from her website and created fake accounts impersonating her just to scam people. 

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She added that she was not using Facebook or any other social media app and did not write the post.

Ifunanya Lawyer Excel Grant Instagram

Ifunanya’s Instagram handle is @funaya_7, and as per her bio, she is a lawyer and model.

InstagramThis is the link to Miss Ifunanya Excel Grant Esq’s Instagram handle, @funaya_7. (Source: Instagram)

From her Instagram profile, it is evident that Ifunanya is passionate about modeling and acting and often shares pictures of herself in various outfits and locations. 

While Ifunanya’s Instagram account does not provide any details about her legal career, it is clear that she is a talented model and Actress. Her pictures are often accompanied by positive and inspiring captions, reflecting her positive attitude toward life.

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Ifunanya Excel Grant’s Instagram account provides a glimpse into her personal and professional life, showcasing her talent and passion for modeling and acting. 

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However, it is crucial to approach social media cautiously and take steps to protect oneself from potential risks.

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