William Bell Death And Obituary: Who Is The Suspect And Where Is He Now?

William Bell death came following horrific car accidents. The victim was stuck by two different vehicles leading to his demise.

In a horrific scene last week, a 50-year-old man on Deans Bridge Road died after being hit by two vehicles. 

Bell’s body was found in a parking lot on Milledgeville Road, seven miles away from the site of the crash.

The hit-and-run case has shocked people in the locality, and people have been demanding answers.

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William Bell Death And Obituary: Killed In Double Accident

The Richmond County Coroner’s Office said on Monday, December 27, that it is investigating the death of a 50-year-old man.

William Bell, of Deans Bridge Road, was struck by a vehicle on Wednesday, December 21. A second vehicle again hit Bell, which left the scene, dragging his body.

At 1:45 am on Thursday, Bell’s body was found seven miles away in a parking lot on Milledgeville Road at Deans Bridge Road, Augusta, Georgia.

His time of death was announced at 2:25 am on Thursday. An autopsy has been scheduled, and further information is yet to be out.

Police are investigating the death of William Bell, 50. (Source: WRDW)One of the suspects remained at the scene, while the other fled and was later detained.

Who Is The Suspect, And Where Is He Now?

Authorities said on Tuesday, December 27, that they arrested a suspect in the death of the pedestrian named William Bell.

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jasmane Stephenson on Friday, December 23, on suspicion of homicide by vehicle.

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The Office identified 33-year-old Jasmine Stephenson, of Hephzibah, as the driver of the Kia that hit and dragged Bell’s body to a parking lot.

She was charged with homicide by vehicle and leaving the scene of an accident in death.

Jasmane StephensonJasmane Stephenson, the suspect, is in custody. (Source: WFXG)

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office’s accident reports explained how the incident unfolded.

Deputies say Bell was struck at 11:23 pm on Wednesday while walking east across Deans Bridge near Brentway Drive.

The driver said he did not see Bell crossing the street because of rain, and the front of his vehicle struck the man, who landed on the roadway.

Then a northbound Kia Optima driven by Stephenson hit him and dragged him north on Deans Bridge.

Stephenson said she noticed something in the road, ran over it, and continued onward. 

She stopped at 2507 Milledgeville Road, where Bell’s body was dislodged from the vehicle by an assistant coroner at 2:27 am.

Stephenson received a citation for leaving the scene of an accident. The first vehicle’s driver remained at the scene.

William Bell Hit And Run Case: What Next? 

William Bell’s family may be able to file a wrongful death claim for funeral expenses, loss of love and companionship, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma while the investigation is ongoing.

“A wrongful death occurs when either a person or entity commits a wrongful or negligent act that results in death,” said Bond Legal counsel Stefano Formica.

Formica noted that such fatalities result from unsafe, aggressive, distracted driving, speeding, or driving under the influence. 

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The deceased’s family members are left with the option to pursue civil action against the responsible motorist.

In most hit-and-run cases, the at-fault drivers feel they can avoid the consequences of their actions if they flee the scene.

However, leaving the scene of an accident is a serious crime. The suspect will face severe charges when apprehended.

Sadly, statistics show that over one hit-and-run crash occurs every minute on U.S. roads.

An experienced hit-and-run accident attorney, Candice Bond, said having an independent and prompt investigation by a seasoned attorney is imperative to protect a victim’s rights.

She pointed out that road conditions, lighting, and visibility are all likely contributing factors considered and examined.

Such procedures are essential to help those who have lost a loved one at the hands of a hit-and-run driver get the justice and monetary compensation they deserve.

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