George Santos False Documents: Did He Lie About His Citizenship Too?

George Santos False Documents news has been trending on social media as the representative has not graduated from Baruch College.

George Santos is the U.S. Representative-elect for New York’s 5th congressional district, having won the seat in the 2020 election. Before his political career, Santos served as a small business owner and community Leader in Queens, New York.

He has been active in his community, serving as a member of various local organizations and non-profits. 

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He has also been a vocal advocate for small businesses and working families and has worked to address issues such as affordable housing, transportation, and education.

Santos’s decision to run for Congress was driven by his desire to give back to his community and to represent the needs and interests of his fellow New Yorkers.

George Santos False Documents: Did He Lie About His Citizenship Too?

The congressman-elect verified The New York Times’ conclusions that he had not attended college or worked at two prominent Wall Street firms.

George Santos during his campaign (source: vox)

The Times discovered that he did not graduate from Baruch College, did not work for Goldman Sachs or Citigroup, and there needed to be records of his becoming a successful financier or registering his animal rescue charity.

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The Times also discovered that he had been charged with check fraud in Brazil.

Furthermore, no proof has been uncovered to support Santos’ repeated claims to be Jewish, to have Jewish ancestors, or to be descended from Holocaust survivors.

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He has not openly disputed any of the charges. Instead, in a statement issued on Monday, his counsel stated, “It is no surprise that Congressman-elect Santos has opponents at the New York City Council.”

Santos has not disputed any of the charges explicitly. Instead, in a statement on Monday, which also featured a phrase mistakenly ascribed to Winston Churchill.

 His counsel claimed, “It is no surprise that Congressman-elect Santos has adversaries at the New York Times who seek to destroy his good character with these slanderous charges.

During the 2022 election cycle, the Representative-elect lent his Campaign $700,000 and reported an income of $750,000.

He also said millions in assets, including a $1 million residence in Rio de Janeiro and a seven-figure savings account.

What Happens Now To George Santos? Where Is He Now?

Former prosecutor Dan Goldman, a fellow representative-elect from New York, has urged that Santos face criminal charges for conspiring to defraud the United States and making false statements to the Federal Election Commission.

George Santos False DocumentsGeorge Santos with his fellow representative (source: businessinsider)

In an interview with Vox, Goldman declined to comment on whether Santos’ position in Congress should be denied. “The main question, in my opinion, is not whether George Santos should be a member of Congress.

The more pressing question is whether Kevin McCarthy and the Republican leadership believe George Santos should be elected to Congress.”

 Who Is Republican Leader McCarthy? His Representative 

Kevin Owen McCarthy is a politician from the United States who has been the House Minority Leader in the United States House of Representatives since 2019.

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McCarthy requires Santos nearly as much as Santos needs McCarthy. The Republican Leader is facing a mutiny from hard-right Republicans who oppose his becoming House Speaker in January.

Given the approaching GOP majority, he can only risk a handful of defections for a position requiring a majority vote of the full House. Santos backed McCarthy on Twitter just before the Times report was published.

Furthermore, because Santos represents one of the most Democratic congressional districts in the country, forcing him to quit under any circumstances is problematic.

In a special election, it would be a difficult seat for a Republican to hold, and a loss would jeopardize the GOP’s already tenuous control.

As unsustainable as the existing status quo appears, the only reason for Santos to retire right now would be a sense of guilt, and it seems doubtful that he bears that weight.

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