Stephen Tanswell Death And Obituary: 45 Years Man Died In Manchester Crash- Meet His Wife Joanne Tanswell

On the anniversary of Stephen’s death, his widow makes an information request to help the Police in bringing this matter to a conclusion.

Stephen Tanswell traveled on foot when killed in an auto accident on the highway. On the first anniversary of her husband’s passing, the widow of a man killed in a car accident on a Manchester highway has made an information request.

Stephen Tanswell, who passed away a year ago after being involved in an accident on the M60, was described by Joanne Tanswell as her “best friend, soulmate, and husband.” 

Stephen was on his way home in a taxi when he was involved in an accident while walking. Joanne pleads with anyone who has information about Stephen’s disappearance to come forward and assist the police.

Stephen Tanswell Death And Obituary: What Happened In The Crash

On December 16, 2016, at around 19:45 GMT, Stephen Tanswell, 45, was struck by a Mini Cooper while walking close to junction five of the M60 near Didsbury, Manchester.

A picture of Steve Tanswell. (Source:

Before the collision, he was traveling home in a taxi, according to Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) detectives had discovered that Stephen was riding in a taxi to get home when the Mini Cooper struck him. There has already been communication with the drivers of both vehicles.

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Anyone with information about Stephen getting out of the taxi or dash cam video is especially encouraged to contact the police.

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Stephen Tanswell Wife: Meet Joanne Tanswell

According to Stephen Tanswell’s wife, Joanne Tanswell, his three children have been “devastated” by his passing.

Joanne Tanswell stated that her husband couldn’t be replaced. She pleaded with anyone driving clockwise on the M60 that evening to reflect and added if they had seen a car on the hard shoulder just before junction five.

Stephen Tanswell childrenStephen Tanswell’s death has “devastated” his three children, his widow says (Source:

According to Ms. Tanswell, her husband is her best friend and soul mate. His passing was and continues to be an avoidable tragedy.

She claimed that his passing had shattered their blissful existence and devastated her and their three children.

Since it has been a year since he was hit on the highway, his family is pleading with the public to assist the police in resolving this case. According to GMP, the drivers of both vehicles have already been contacted.

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Officers stated they were especially interested in hearing from anyone who saw Mr. Tanswell getting out of the taxi or had dashcam footage of the event.

What Has Joanne Said?

Joanne has paid a heartfelt farewell speech to Stephen and urged anyone with information that could assist police in determining what happened to her husband to cause his death to come forward.

Joanne claimed that Stephen was irreplaceable for her, his children Jacob, Oliver, and Emily, and their families. She expressed her sorrow over the fact that it has been a year since he was hit on the highway, and they are appealing to a family to support the police in resolving this case.

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If anyone has a dashcam recording of that trip, she has also asked them to contact the Serious Collision Investigation Unit.

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