Oklahoma: Baylee Morrison Missing Or Found? Case Details

After Baylee went missing, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and OU Health Sciences Police Department started working together to try and find her.

They turned on the Kasey Alert, which helps get more people involved in the search.

The Kasey Alert is important because it tells the whole community that Baylee is missing and gets them to help out.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts between law enforcement authorities and engaged community members, the search for missing Baylee concluded positively with her safe return.

After Morrison’s disappearance earlier this week, officials enacted widespread alerts and calls for public assistance while police conducted urgent on-the-ground search operations.

Authorities credit the strong response and alertness shown by the public for providing them with meaningful tips and potential sightings of Morrison.

The non-stop influx of information and shared awareness fuelled continued dedicated efforts by officials to follow all leads.

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Oklahoma: Baylee Morrison Missing Or Found?

In distressing news out of Oklahoma City earlier this week, a 17-year-old pregnant teenager named Baylee Morrison was reported missing by her family and community members.

Due to her vulnerable condition and young age, state authorities swiftly issued an Endangered Missing Advisory, calling urgent attention to the disappearance.

Baylee’s pregnancy significantly heightened concerns for both her health and safety as well as the baby she is carrying.

Community members banded together, signal-boosting the advisory and bolstering search efforts alongside the official activation of the Kasey Alert system to maximise the reach for any potential information on the teen’s whereabouts.

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Baylee Morrison was reported missing on 21st February (Source: Facebook)

After tense hours and days of searching, authorities confirm they have successfully located Baylee Morrison.

While full details are still pending, officials have indicated she appears unharmed and has been reunited with her relieved family.

Authorities and Baylee’s family members have expressed immense gratitude for the communal support and engagement from the public that aided in the surface signals leading to her recovery.

They believe the awareness and tips allowed a swift and safe resolution, ensuring she was found in time.

Baylee Morrison Case Details

17-year-old Baylee Morrison was reportedly last seen around 1 p.m. on Wednesday, February 21st, 2024, at the Oklahoma Children’s Hospital located in Oklahoma City.

At that time, witnesses state that Morrison, who is 5 months pregnant, was left alone in a 4-door blue passenger sedan in the hospital parking area.

Morrison is described as a Caucasian female standing about 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighing approximately 135 pounds.

She has blonde hair and blue eyes. According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, at the time of her disappearance, Morrison was wearing a blue t-shirt, black leggings, and camouflage-print Crocs shoes.

Authorities have confirmed that 4-year-old Baylee Smith, who was reported missing by her family on Tuesday, February 21st, has been found and is safe.

Baylee Morrison missing Baylee has been discovered in a secure condition, indicating that she has been located without any harm or danger (Source: ACT Policing News)

Though officials have not yet released specifics regarding the circumstances surrounding the young girl’s disappearance and recovery, they have thanked the public for their concern and assistance while stating that no further help is needed at this time.

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It appears that after roughly 36 hours of active search efforts for the missing child, investigators were able to locate Baylee.

While the details regarding where she was found and what transpired in the period where she was considered missing have not yet been made public, law enforcement and the Smith family are likely relieved that she has ultimately been found unharmed.

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