Joseph Hardy Death Cause: 84 Lumber Founder Died On His 100 Birthday

Joseph Hardy’s death has been a trending topic on the Internet since the news has been public; get to know Joseph Hardy’s death cause via this article.

People knew Joseph Hardy III as the developer of the Nemacolin resort, and he was the Founder of the 84 Lumber chain of materials stores.

The Company community shared that he recently died on his 100 birthday on January 7.

Hardy was a brilliant businessman and enthusiastic entrepreneur, and many people have been curious to learn more about him after the news of his death yesterday.

Read further to get detailed information about Joseph Hardy II Death, a top topic of discussion.

Joseph Hardy Death Cause

As per the information, he took his last breath on January 7, 2023, but the news was out just yesterday. 

After the news, people were curious to learn about the death cause, but the case is unclear and has not been disclosed till now. 

But it is believed that Hardy died because of his age, which was a natural death. Hardy was not suffering from any disease before his death.

Joseph Hardy III poses for a picture in this undated photo provided by 84 Lumber Company. (Source: Yahoo News)

His family surrounded him after his death, and every close one was present there to be with him. Hardy was surrounded by his children and his grandchildren as well.

Hardy’s obituary and the death are widely searched online by the people hearing the death information. 

He was a true gentleman; he was a family guy. Hardy was always present there for his family. Many people who knew him said he never backed off regarding his family.

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Hopefully, the cause of his death will get revealed soon, as the question has been raised unexpectedly.

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84 Lumber Founder Died On His 100 Birthday

84 Lumber Founder made it up to his 100 birthday, and now he is no more with us. 

A Company website profile said, “he passed away on his 100th birthday Saturday surrounded by his loving family singing Broadway show tunes to comfort him at his home in Farmington.”

The Founder was born on January 7, 1923, in Pittsburgh, and he died on January 7, 2023, on Saturday.

Hardy attended Lehigh University and enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps in his final year, serving as a radioman during World War II.

84 Lumber Founder Joe Hardy, in the Interview by The Managers.84 Lumber Founder Joe Hardy, in the Interview by The Managers. (Source: YouTube)

After serving as a radioman for some time, he decided to work in the family-owned jewelry store; during that time also continued his study and earned an industrial engineering degree.

Then, along with his family and friends, he started Green Hills Lumber, now known as 84 Lumber, with more than 250 stores nationwide.

Hardy mentioned that he named 84 Lumber after the town where he stayed; was headquartered.

Former Pennsylvania governor and Homeland Security director told the Post-Gazette. “Joe was a true American success story, And he was a true gentleman. He could have demanded to be treated like a tycoon, but instead, he wanted to be known as Joe.” 

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Along with everyone, his family mentioned that he was a true hero, and he always taught them that nothing is impossible. Everyone was proud of him for who he was.

Hardy’s funeral service has been scheduled for Thursday, January 12, in Westminster Presbyterian Church, followed by a private interment.

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