Is Don Postles Hospitalized? What Happened To Him- Illness And Health Update

Fans are curious to know whether Don Postles is hospitalized after his surgery.

Don Postles, a co-anchor for WIVB-TV (Channel 4), disclosed on Thursday that the reason for his recent absence was the recent separation of a low-grade cancerous tumor on one of his saliva secretions.

Postles claimed that he discovered the lump a few months ago, prompting him to see a doctor who made the diagnosis.

Since the middle of the 1970s, Postles has been a nearly constant on Buffalo’s local TV news. Postles has worked at WIVB for almost 30 years, and before that, he was Irv Weinstein’s co-anchor at Channel 7. After a brief stint in Fresno, California, he has also served as an anchor at Channel 2.

Is Don Postles Hospitalized? 

Don Postles was hospitalized in 2017 because he had been seeking for two weeks.

Anchor for WIVB Channel 4 After being ill, Don Postles had been off the air for weeks.

Don Postles was hospitalized due to illness. (Source: Facebook)

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, which safeguards the privacy of a person’s medical information, prevented Dominic Mancuso, general manager of Channel 4, from making any comments.

According to three sources, Postles was reportedly in a nearby hospital, and there was no estimated time of his return. Mancuso had said he was taking a break, and they eagerly awaited his return.

Co-anchor Jacquie Walker had taken over Postles’ duties in some newscasts while Dave Greber joined her in others.

What Had Happened To Don Postles?

Don Postles sounded enthusiastic and upbeat in an interview in November 2017. The Channel 4 anchorman’s last few months had been demanding. He had taken time off of work to heal from an injury.

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Don suffered from complications as a result of his cracked ribs. He added that he was fortunate in the hospital because they could diagnose his condition quickly and treat him. He developed pneumonia as well.

He expressed his sorrow by saying that being in the hospital for so long wasn’t enjoyable. He spent several months in the hospital, but the nurses at Millard Suburban Hospital were excellent.

Postles claims that despite the excellent nurses and staff, he was eager to return to work, but he felt it challenging that he missed big stories. He added that it was difficult to watch from a distance while also missing the huge Officer Lehner story and election night, which he had always enjoyed working on.

What counted at that time, according to Postles, was that he was healthy and back in the anchor chair. In addition, he expressed his happiness and thanked everyone.

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He claimed that everyone greeted him with open arms and that it was wonderful to be back.

Now, business as usual has resumed. However, Postles has a new outlook, stating that he won’t get angry with his producers for doing something.

Don Postles Health Update In 2022

Veteran anchor of News 4 Don Postles gave the Buffalo community another health update on Wednesday night.

Don Postles healthDon Postles is recovering after having a cancerous tumor removed from his face (Source: Twitter)

In October, Don said he was recuperating from a procedure to remove a cancerous tumor from his face. Although some of the nerves in his face were affected by the surgery’s trauma, he claimed that he was progressing toward getting back on the air.

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Don claimed that his wound was recovering and was only awaiting the regeneration of one lower facial nerve.

Don stated in October that neither chemotherapy nor radiation would be required because the doctors felt that everything had been removed. More than 500 people expressed their congratulations in a Facebook post about the news.

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He expressed gratitude for everyone’s letters, prayers, and well wishes. He also expressed his best wishes for everyone’s upcoming holidays.

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