Brendon Urie Scandal And Controversy: Accused Of Sexual Harrasment, Is He Arrested?

Controversies of sexual harassment and assault, racism, transphobia, and homophobia have dogged Brendon Urie.

Brendon Urie’s latest situation has received a lot of media attention. Let’s get a better look at Urie. Brendon Boyd Urie has been a vocalist, composer, and guitarist for the American rock solo act Panic! at the Disco since 2015.

Urie is well known as the lead singer of the pop-rock band Panic! at the Disco, which disbanded in 2015. The group was active from 2004 to 2015. Former members include Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Brent Wilson, Jon Walker, and Dallon Weekes.

In recent years, Urie has been accused of being sexist, racist, and even a sexual offender in various newspapers. Let’s dig deeper into Brendon Urie’s current squabble.

Brendon Urie Scandal And Controversy

Brendon Urie is being asked to speak up again in response to his controversies. At the end of July, band member Dallon Weekes’ wife, Breezy Weekes, said she had been sexually harassed by “Panic! At The Disco” bodyguard Zack Hall. 

Brendon’s most recent scandal occurred in 2020 when he was accused of sexual assault. (Source: Twitter)

Even though he informed Urie that he was a minor, Kam claims that Urie asked if he’d ever had sex with a man before.

Despite the fact that the Twitter user informed Urie that he was a child, he claims Urie asked if he had ever had sexual relations with a male. 

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When he said no, the singer lamented that he tried to make out with a band member who refused. He claims that when Urie attempted to touch Kam’s thigh, he ran away from the singer.

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Brendon Urie Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Brendon Urie may have also admitted to sexually harassing former “Panic!” bandmate Ryan Ross at one point. Urie’s long list of shocking offenses was tweeted by Twitter user @dinasapphic; things aren’t looking good for him.

According to Meaww, Urie has previously made racist, misogynist, transphobic, and ableist comments.

Using the N-word, even if it’s just a lyric in someone else’s song, is never acceptable, and fans have caught Urie doing so on several occasions. Urie was caught doing this during a Livestream, according to @nerdjpg, and @dinasapphic also called him out on it.

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@dinasapphic also pointed out that Urie recited Chris D’Elia’s monologue “I Wish I Was Black” without context at one of his concerts. Fans were perplexed by this seemingly out-of-place reference and thought it was not very kind.

Is Brendon Urie Arrested?

Brendon Urie hasn’t been arrested. However, he is getting canceled.

Brendon Urie.Fans are demanding Brendon Urie to speak up regarding his controversy and allegations. (Source:

The band’s frontman, Brendon Urie, has been accused of sexually assaulting a minor. The new allegations have brought to light Urie’s history of racist, sexist, and ableist actions and other instances in which he touched someone without their consent.

Following the release of the title track from the band’s upcoming album Viva Las Vengeance on Friday, June 1, these allegations resurfaced. Brendon was also chastised for laughing at an ableist joke, exacerbating the situation. The band’s security guard, Zack Hall, joked about a nun with Down Syndrome.

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Brendon has also been accused of making sexist and slutty comments. Several Twitch viewers have also spoken out against the singer’s bullying tactics. In 2018, he was accused of being racist.

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