Bernie Madoff Son: Andrew Madoff Was Engaged To Catherine Hooper, Where Is She Now?

The Ponzi Scheme mastermind Bernie Madoff’s son, Andrew, was engaged to Catherine Hooper. Hooper is now a writer and lives in New York.

Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street, a new docu-series, has just been released on Netflix! It revolves around Bernie Madoff, the financier, and fraudster who created the biggest Ponzi scheme.

In the series, we see how Madoff obtained $64.8 billion from thousands of clients and received a 150-year prison sentence.

On 14 April 2021, Bernie Madoff passed away at 82 while still incarcerated. Because the Netflix series is based on his life, interest in him has increased.

With the increasing popularity of the Netflix docu-series, people are wondering about the whereabouts of the rest of the Madoff family.

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Bernie Madoff Son: Andrew Madoff Was Engaged To Catherine Hooper, Where Is She Now?

Andrew Madoff was the youngest son of Bernie Madoff and his wife, Ruth Madoff. Born on 8 April 1966, the youngest Madoff died after suffering from a long battle with mantle cell lymphoma (a type of Cancer) on 3 September 2014.

The Madoff couple’s son, Andrew, was the Father of two kids, whom he shared with then-fiancee Catherine Hooper.

Catherine and Andrew got engaged in 2008. Andrew Madoff’s partner is still mourning his demise, she disclosed in an interview with People in 2017.

Late Andrew Madoff’s fiancee, Catherine Hooper. (Source: People)

Hooper, 44, said her life has been awful. Catherine also thought it was more challenging than it was in the first early moments of her partner’s death.

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Furthermore, Andrew declared that he would never forgive his Father for his misdeeds in an interview with People in 2013.

The disgraced financier’s youngest son attributed his Cancer relapse to the stress brought on by dad’s arrest and sentence.

Andrew Madoff’s Fiance Is Now A Writer

As of the 2017’s report, Catherine was writing books under the penname Carolina Carter. She moved out of the luxurious apartment she shared with her late fiance.

She started living in a 500-square-foot studio apartment in Manhattan with her daughter. The mother-daughter duo reportedly sleep in bunk beds.

Although Andrew asked his estate to pay her $50K per month for life, she told the publication that she has not received a penny and may never at all.

According to Hooper, the estate is still involved in the numerous cases related to Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scam.

“I downsized my life completely and sold nearly everything I own, including the engagement ring Andrew gave me,” Hooper said to People.

Initially, the writer tried to look for a job outside of writing. However, her connection with the Ponzi Scheme mastermind’s son blocked her way. Every interviewer would politely reject her.

Bernie Madoff SonCatherine Hooper writes fiction under the penname Carolina Carter. (Source: Carolina Carter’s official website)

Catherine Hooper’s Latest Book

The author began writing fiction in the mid-2010s. Under the Legen is her first book. “After Him” is Carolina Carter’s latest book.

“After Him” depicts a widow starting her life again after her husband’s death and is partially based on her experiences grieving Andrew.

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Hooper revealed that her readers love her work and don’t care what her fiance’s Father did a decade ago. She has got over 6,000 readers.

Carolina is a talented writer who worked with the famous author Laurie Sandell on Truth And Consequences. Under The Legend, Secret She Keeps, In The Twisted Web, and “After Him“ are her books.

The beautiful author grew up as the only child of an independent bookstore owner. She spent her childhood touring the country in her mother’s yellow Volkswagen bug, searching for books. It is to be noted that Andrew Madoff’s fiancee has not shared anything on her social media accounts, websites, and blog since July 2017.

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