Thando Fibhi, One Of Eight Victim Killed In The Kwazakhele Mass Shooting- Case Update

The Kwazakhele Mass Shooting that took place on January 29th, 2023, has taken eight people’s lives. One of the eight victims, Thando Fibhi was declared dead in hospital on Saturday morning, February 4.

Out of some of the most tragic events, The Kwazakhele Mass Shooting has to be one where eight people were killed and three others severely injured at a birthday party in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province.

The mass shooting occurred on January 29th, 2023, in Gqeberha city.

At a house party in Kwazakhele township, two unidentified gunmen “randomly shot at guests” who were dancing and socializing, according to police.

However, the exact motive behind the attack is unknown.

On Saturday morning, February 4, Thando Fibhi (55) died in the hospital. The death was verified by the Provincial Organized Crime Investigation (OCI).

The eighth victim, Fibhi, was critically ill and previously unconscious.

Col. Priscilla Naidu, a spokesperson for the police, reported that now the total number of fatalities is eight, and the number of injured people is three.

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Seven Other Victims, Including Thando Fibhi, Were Killed In The Mass Shooting

As mentioned earlier, Thando Fibhi was the last person to be deceased after the mass shooting, and the name of the rest seven dead people have already been identified.

They have been identified as 51-year-old Vusumzi Sishuba, the home’s owner, and his brother, Andile Sishuba (52), Kholekile France (54), a 58-year-old woman, Nomatamsanqa Mandla, Mbuyiseli Mboya (64), a 42-year old woman, Nandipha Koliti and a young lady, Liyema Poro (20).

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Bystanders arrived at the shooting scene (Source: BBC News)

Moreover, two of the three injured, a man and a woman, are still in the hospital, while a male was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon, according to Col. Priscilla Naidu, a spokesperson for the police.

Seven people were killed instantaneously, and four others were injured when two guys opened fire on the attendees at a birthday party at the Sishuba home.

In the hospital, one of the injured passed away.

The Motive Behind The Kwazakhele Mass Shooting

The Kwazakhele Mass Shooting is heart-wrenching, and it is unfair to the innocent people who lost their precious lives.

Gen. Bheki Cele, the police minister, visited the victims’ families on January 30 and assured them they would not stop until the criminals were brought to justice.

According to Cele, “The cruelty that occurred here makes it abundantly evident that those who came here (the shooters) wanted people dead and wanted to break apart families by killing brothers and friends.”

The Kwazakhele Mass ShootingOn January 30, Bheki Cele, the police minister, went to the scene of the shooting spree in Nelson Mandela Bay. (Source: News 24)

The type of people who were present, he continued, “tells you that those criminals have a problem, but they also have to face penalties and give answers.”

While the exact motive behind the Kwazakhele Mass Shooting has not yet been revealed, officers are trying their best to provide justice to the victims’ families. 

The Kwazakhele Mass Shooting: Case Update

The Kwazakhele Mass Shooting investigation is ongoing, and the suspect hunt continues.

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Police spokesperson Col. Priscilla Naidu mentioned, “Voice notes and a video clip that are circulating in connection with these murders have been made known to police.”

The voice notes and video in question have been labeled as fake news by the police, who are advising the public not to believe what is said. There is one voice note that has been around since last year.

The police are pleading with anyone who receives these notes or films not to spread them because doing so could have disastrous effects on those who are depicted therein.”

Anyone who may have information on the killings is urged to contact the Provincial OCI, which will investigate any and all leads, no matter how little or unimportant they may seem.

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