Amber Victoria Palm Missing Update 2023: Is She Found Yet?

People are curious to learn about Amber Victoria Palm Missing update in 2023. A teen girl vanished from Paris a month ago.

Following the abduction of their daughter while on vacation in Paris last month, a family from Cavan is inconsolable.

Before going missing on August 7, the last day of their trip, Amber Victoria Palm, then 17 years old, was traveling with her parents and younger brother to Coupvrey, France, where they were staying at Disney’s Hotel Sante Fe.

She is thought to be with a boy, also 17, whom friends claim she had been corresponding with online for several weeks before she vanished.

Her mother Mactalene described their struggle to the Celt, saying: “We’re trying to maintain strong, it has been hard. She and I got along well. I just need to be sure she’s secure. My young girl should be at home. She’s my baby girl, yet she’s still a minor. 

Let’s get into the article to learn about Amber Victoria Palm Missing update in 2023.

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Amber Victoria Palm Missing Update 2023

Amber Victoria Palm Missing case is still unsolved and police are looking for her whereabouts. The evening prior to Amber’s disappearance was ordinary, according to Mactalene.

While Amber and her younger brother chose to remain at the hotel, she and her husband Dinnis traveled to Disneyland to see the light parade.

“When we got home, they were both playing in the room while watching TV on their phones. What were our plans for tomorrow, she inquired.

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The family decided to go to bed early, wake up early, eat breakfast the next day, and return to the hotel by 2 p.m. so they could take the shuttle bus back to the airport to make their trip to Ireland.

Amber Victoria Palm Missing case is not solved yet. (Source: Roller Coaster)

Dennis felt sick when she woke up about 3 a.m. He discovered the restroom door closed and thought his daughter might be there.

The narrative is continued by Mactalene: “I got up to knock on the bathroom door and ask her how long she was going to be. I rang the doorbell but got no response. When I opened the door, she was plainly not there.

The family started searching the motel in a panic. We searched the hotel for her but were unsuccessful. 

There was a gas station just next to the hotel where we were staying, so I went there to see if she had gone to the shop but she wasn’t there. 

Is She Found Yet?

Police have informed the relatives of a 17-year-old girl who vanished while on vacation with her family at Disneyland Paris last month that she may be “anywhere in the Schengen area” at this point.

Amber Victoria Palm relocated to County Cavan in March of last year with her parents and younger brother before going missing in August while traveling to Paris.

Since then, the family—who hails from South Africa—has been frantically attempting to get in touch with her.

Despite the fact that Amber Victoria hasn’t been heard from since August 10th, her mother Mactalene remarked on Lunchtime Live this morning that she feels helpless.

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Amber Victoria Palm missing caseFollowing the abduction of their daughter, 17, while on vacation in France last month, a distressed Cavan family is appealing for help from the public. (Source: NewsTalk)

She said that on August 7th, her daughter left the hotel in the middle of the night, and surveillance footage revealed that she met a male at a nearby gas station before driving off.

She learned from some of her friends that Amber Victoria had been corresponding with the man online before the holiday.

She was informed by French authorities that the man had only arrived in France the day before via boat.

She claimed that since she vanished, she has not been heard from. She claimed that although she was in touch with some of her friends, they had not heard from her since the 10th of August.

“I have no idea. I just need to be certain that she is secure. Or simply call me or something.” 

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