Nick Watts Death: Why Did He Commit Suicide? What Happened To Him?

An Australian teenage couple Bridie Cocks and Nick Watts death, has garnered massive attention from the public. Tributes to the young couple and their tragic love story have been pouring in.

Nick Watts took his life in August 2022. He left his family and friends devastated and unfathomable. A few weeks later, his girlfriend Bridie Cocks also killed herself.

The teenage couple’s death story has garnered massive attention from social media users. It is heartbreaking to know that we lost two young talents.

As Nick Watts’ death has gone viral, people want to learn why the teenager took his life. What caused such a young person to give up on life?

Nick Watts Death: Why Did He Commit Suicide?

Sadly, Nick Watts died of suicide on 30 August 2022. It is unclear why the 16-year-old boy decided to take his life.

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Nick’s death is likely related to a mental health problem such as depression. A Ballarat family thinks Nick’s death, which shocked their local community, may have been caused by a severe lack of psychological treatment.

His girlfriend posted a series of videos on her social media expressing her guilt for not being able to understand the pain he went through.

Following his death, Nick’s girlfriend became grief-stricken. (Image Source: Herald Sun)

In one of her viral TikTok videos posted on 24 September 2022, Bridie said, “no girl should be required to sit at the grave of her boyfriend.”

Born Nicholas James Watts, Nick Watts was the son of Sunny and Debra Watts. He was born with his twin sister Olivia Watts. The late teenager also has two other sisters.

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Nick Watts Girlfriend Bridie Cocks Also Took Her Life

Nick Watts’ girlfriend, Bridie Cocks, took her life a few weeks after his death.

While Watts’ demise saddened the whole community, it hit the Cocks family harder. He was not only the boyfriend of Bridie but also the best friend of Bridie’s brother, Riley.

Born on 5 January 2007, Bridie Cocks was the daughter of Joan and Richard Cocks. She grew up in a Catholic family.

The trio used to be inseparable. Bridie’s distraught Father, Richard, said she was grief-stricken. As her late lover’s birthday came near, she began expressing her will to die.

The rest of Cocks family tried hard to get their daughter counseling and believed things were improving. They never thought she would do something like that.

Two days before Nick Watts’ birthday (15 October), Bridie tried to take her life. She was rushed to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Nick Watts DeathNick Watts’ girlfriend, Bridie, died 23 days after his death. (Image Source: Herald Sun)

Doctors tried everything to save her. Her family stood by her side for nine days. But she died wrapped in love on 22 October 2022.

Nick Watts And Bridie Cocks Dated Five Months

The late couple dated for about five months before the tragedy struck. Tributes have been outpouring on social media platforms for the adolescent couple and their tragic love story.

Let’s hope they are together again as stars.

The Cocks family cannot stop thinking about the life milestones their youngest child and younger sister will miss out on as they struggle with their raw grief and realize how much she will be missed for the rest of their lives.

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Bridie was described as a friendly, kind, mischievous, adored animal. She enjoyed her time with the family’s lambs, pet dogs, and cats.

Further, she even expressed interest in pursuing a career in pediatric nursing.

Bridie’s brilliant smile and contagious laugh could light up a room, but when no one was looking, she battled mental illness.

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