Who Is Owen Jones Husband Joao Vitor Knop? Wiki And Age

Who is Owen Jones husband Joao Vitor Knop? Doctor and aspiring psychiatrist Joao Vitor Knop is an Owen Jones partner. They both reside in England and fervently support one another’s professional endeavors.

British newspaper columnist, political analyst, journalist, author, and prominent member of the left-wing activist community is Owen Jones.

He writes a regular column for The Guardian and also contributes to The New Statesman and The Tribune.

Additionally, he regularly broadcasts two web series, “The Owen Jones Show” and “The Owen Jones Podcast.” He had a column with The Independent in the past.

Jones is also known for his outspoken criticism of social injustices and austerity policies, with a particular emphasis on how they affect the working class.

He is a fierce supporter of animal rights as well as same-sex marriage. Jones has written three books, including The Establishment: And How They Get Away With It (2014) and Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class (2011). 

Jones started a new endeavor in December 2020 by hosting “The Owen Jones Show,” a weekly web series that featured guests from all political stances. New episodes are posted to his YouTube account every Sunday. 

Be with us till the end to learn about Owen Jones Husband Joao Vitor Knop.

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Who Is Owen Jones Husband Joao Vitor Knop?

Owen Jones Husband Joao Vitor Knop is a future physician and psychiatrist committed to raising mental health awareness. According to his LinkedIn profile, he works as an emergency room physician at Anjos da Vida Sade in Florianópolis, Brazil.

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Similar to Knop, who attended Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina to earn his doctorate in medicine.  

As he explores the intersection of these subjects, his interests span the domains of philosophy, IoT (Internet of Things), and qualitative research.

Owen Jones Husband is Joao Vitor Knop, who is not featured in Wikipedia yet. (Source: Instagram)

Owen Jones husband is now working on a research project to explore how IoT devices might improve mental health results.

Additionally, he has held a variety of positions throughout his professional career, including medical doctor at Florianópolis, Brazil’s Anjos da Vida Sade (2021–present), medical doctor at Florianópolis, Brazil’s Unidade Pronto Atendimento (UPA) (2019–2021), and medical doctor at Joinville, Brazil’s Ministério da Sade (2018–2019). 

Wiki And Age Of Joao Vitor Knop

Joao Vitor Knop is yet to be mentioned on Wikipedia, but his husband Owen is featured on that platform. He might be in his early 40s.

Same-sex partners Owen Jones and Joao Vitor Knop are a couple. Their mutual acquaintances introduced them in 2015. Soon after, they began dating, and in 2017 they were engaged.

According to Jones, Knop is both his “best friend” and “soulmate.” Additionally, he claimed that Knop had improved him as a person.

Jones and Knop are a well-known same-sex couple that are prominent in the UK. Their ardent support for the rights of the LGBT+ community is also widely known.

Owen Jones husbandOwen and his husband are in a happy and healthy relationship. (Source: Instagram)

They also make it a point to spend special time together. Jones and his spouse recently celebrated Owen’s birthday by posting a photo to his Instagram account on August 8, 2023, precisely.

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They also demonstrated their dedication to spending quality time together by taking part in an important event. Together, they took a fantastic photo while exploring London. 

Owen Jones was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and spent his formative years there as well as a brief time in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

His father, Rob Jones, worked for a local government and was a shop steward for a union. At the same time, Ruth Aylett, his mother, is a well-known computer science professor at Heriot-Watt University (formerly at the University of Salford).

Jones describes himself as a “fourth-generation socialist,” with his ancestry going back to his grandfather’s membership in the Communist Party of Great Britain and his parents’ membership in the Trotskyist Militant organization. 

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