Dateline: Who Killed Sarah Goode? Murder Update

People are searching for Who Killed Sarah Goode? As an ex-marine, he was linked to Sarah’s terrible murder by GPS and mobile phone data

Finding Sarah Goode is the 23rd episode of Dateline, a widespread true crime and investigative journalism television series in its 25th season.

The episode delves into the case of Sarah Goode, a young lady who went missing in the summer of 2019.

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Investigators focused on four men in Sarah Goode’s life and an ominous bloody handprint found on the hood of her car after she abruptly vanished at the age of 21.

Dateline: Who Killed Sarah Goode? Details To Know

Dante Taylor, a 19-year-old ex-marine, was linked to Sarah’s terrible murder by GPS and mobile phone data, as well as a blood-stained handprint on the hood of Sarah’s car. 

“People are deceivers. Records, on the other hand, aren’t. “In a Dateline preview clip, Sarah’s mother states.

Sarah Goode Killer Dante Taylor, a 19-year-old (Source: Pix11)

Sarah’s last phone call was from Dante Taylor. He called her while traveling in her direction, according to GPS information.

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Dante was detained but later freed after Police seized his fingerprints, DNA, and cellphone evidence without probable cause or reading him his rights.

They also conducted an unwarranted search of his vehicle. Dante Taylor was briefly set free due to the bungling of the case.

He then traveled to Vero Beach, Florida, where he was detained for the second time on an unrelated offense.

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Dante’s crime was supposedly motivated by rejection. According to one of his friends, Dante had intended to date Sarah, but she turned him down at the Party she attended the night she died. The prosecution utilized this tale to help convict Dante.

“She was just a gorgeous child, a life cut short now, and I’ll never have her again. “I’m not sure what I’m going to tell her little kid when she gets older,” Elizabeth Goode, her late daughter’s mother, said at Dante Taylor’s trial.

Killed Sarah Goode Murder Case Update

Sarah Goode, 21, did not come home the next day after partying with her pals in June 2014. 

Although Sarah’s family was initially apprehensive about her staying up so late, this was sadly not a regular night out.

Sarah GoodeSarah Goode Killer Dante Taylor, a 19-year-old (source: Nypost)

Her relatives were concerned when she failed to appear at her nephew’s birthday celebration the next day. 

Sarah was the one who Sarah’s relatives reported missing two days after the last time they saw her.

Friends and relatives immediately began looking for Sarah in Medford, New York, a Long Island neighborhood. 

The following day, authorities discovered her 1999 BMW automobile parked in the woods near her House.

A week later, her body was discovered within a mile of where her car had been abandoned. 

The young woman’s body had been stabbed 42 times and sexually assaulted. She was battered so badly that a piece of metal became trapped in her skull.

Dante Taylor was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release in July 2016 for his crimes against Sarah Goode.

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“You may put chalk lines on the cellblock and your walls of the cage in which you will dwell, and they will have no importance,” said State Supreme Court Justice John Collins, who handed down the punishment.

They will be meaningless because there is no set deadline for you to go.”

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