Where Is Gareth Pursehouse Today? Amie Nicole Harwick Killed By Her Ex-Boyfriend

Where is Gareth Pursehouse Today? Pursehouse was arrested the next day following the death of Amie Nicole Harwick.

Nicole Harwick was a writer and therapist; before pursuing a degree and working as a therapist, she worked as a Playboy model and was a dancer for some time.

Pursehouse and Harwick started dating in 2008, their relationship was going smoothly, but at some point, Harwick started being abused by her partner.

But Harwick always tried making things up and staying in the relationship until they separated in 2012. Also, after Harwick ended the relationship, her ex-boyfriend did not leave her alone.

Pursehouse often got into her personal life and tried getting obsessive and always wanted to get back together; till 2020, she was struggling with her ex-boyfriend Pursehouse.

Where Is Gareth Pursehouse Today?

Pursehouse was arrested the next day after his ex-girlfriend, Amie Nicole Harwick, died on February 15, 2020.

He was arrested on the charge of murder; of Amie after her roommate claimed his name; she mentioned he was a violent and obsessive ex.

Amie Harwick got two restraining orders against an ‘obsessed’ ex-boyfriend accused of murdering her. (Source: Daily Mail)

After being arrested, people are curious to know where he is now, so Pursehouse is currently in prison, awaiting trial on charges of murder and first-degree residential burglary.

He has been set to hear next on February 28, 2023, and he was bailed with $2 million for not pealed guilty in 2020, and often his hearing date has been scheduled.

Following the death of Amie, her friends have been sharing about her relationship with Pursehouse.

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Many people have been waiting to hear next from the court about the charges arrested behind the death of Amie, who has left the world for two years.

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Amie Nicole Harwick Killed By Her Ex-Boyfriend

Harwick was sent to Cedar Sinai Medical Center after being found severely injured beneath the balcony of her home. Amie’s roommate, Michael Herman, called the Police after hearing sounds of a struggle.

Within a few hours, Medical Center annouched her death, an investigation went on, and Michael Herman mentioned her toxic ex-boyfriend, Gareth Pursehouse.

Clear information about her death has not been out as her ex-boyfriend has been on bail of $1 million.

Ex-boyfriend re-arrested, charged in death of celebrity sex therapist Amie HarwickEx-boyfriend re-arrested, charged in death of celebrity sex therapist Amie Harwick. (Source: NBC News)

The evidence against Pursehouse was out from the court documents; DNA evidence showed that he was present at Amie’s House on the night of the murder. 

Much evidence was gathered within one or two days; CCTV cameras in the neighborhood showed that someone was trying to break into her apartment.

The evidence and more information from Amie’s friends have made it clear that the murderer was her ex-boyfriend whose DNA had been found in Amie’s nails.

After getting out of her toxic relationship, she was into a relationship with Drew Carey, and the couple became engaged in 2018. But they called it off and were separated; the reason behind their separation was not out.

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After being with Carey, she assumed that her ex-boyfriend Pursehouse had moved on, but they accidentally met at an adult film industry gala in January 2020.

In the same place, There were like a hundred people in this room, and he was screaming at the writer; she did not say anything; she was embarrassed. 

Amie’s friends revealed how possessive his ex-boyfriend was; he was never okay with anything she did, they mentioned.

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