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Vanita Sharma is the mother of Indian actor Tunisha Sharma who committed suicide by hanging herself in the makeup room of her ex-boyfriend and co-star Sheezan Khan on the sets of the Hindi TV show ‘Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul’ (2022).


Vanita Sharma was born on 12 July.

Physical Appearance

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Vanita Sharma with Tunisha Sharma

Vanita Sharma with Tunisha Sharma


Parents & Siblings

There is not much information about her parents and siblings.

Husband & Children

Vanita Sharma is a widow.

Vanita Sharma with her husband (deceased)

Vanita Sharma with her husband (deceased)

Vanita Sharma’s daughter, Tunisha Sharma, committed suicide by hanging herself in the makeup room of her ex-boyfriend and co-star, Sheezan Khan.

Vanita Sharma with her daughter, Tunisha Sharma

Vanita Sharma with her daughter, Tunisha Sharma

A Mourning Mother

Tunisha Sharma Suicide Case 

Reportedly, Vanita’s daughter, Tunisha Sharma was dating Sheezan Mohammed Khan, an Indian actor.

Tunisha Sharma and Sheezan Mohammed Khan

Tunisha Sharma and Sheezan Mohammed Khan

Drifting Away From Daughter

According to Vanita, Tunisha had changed a lot after being in a relationship with Sheezan for almost three months which gave Vanita a sense of drifting away from her daughter. Vanita, in an interview, revealed that Tunisha was being influenced by Sheezan’s family so much that she started doing things against her mother’s will. She revealed, despite being familiar with the fact that Vanita does not like pet dogs, Tunisha got a pet dog at home after Kehekshan Parveen, Sheezan’s mother, encouraged her to do so. Vanita added that Sheezan’s sister Falaq Naazz took Tunisha to a tattoo artist and got a tattoo inked on her left forearm that read ‘Love Above Everything’ despite Vanita’s disapproval.

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Tunisha Sharma's tattoo

Tunisha Sharma’s tattoo

While talking to the media, Vanita said that Tunisha was getting attached to Sheezan’s family over time, and she used to call Sheezan’s mother ‘Ammi’ and his sister ‘Aapi.’

A picture of Tunisha Sharma with Sheezan's sister Falaq Naazz, addressing her as 'Aapi'

A picture of Tunisha Sharma with Sheezan’s sister Falaq Naazz, addressing her as ‘Aapi’

Urdu: The Language of Love

Vanita, in an interview, revealed that Sheezan’s family taught Tunisha Urdu, and she even started speaking Urdu. Vanita further claimed that Tunisha, who would often buy Sheezan expensive gifts, was being pressured by Sheezan Khan’s family to follow Islam; however, Khan’s family responded to the allegation and said that they never forced anyone to do anything and all other allegations are being made out of hate for the religion. 

Exposing Sheezan’s “Secret” Girlfriend

Reportedly, Tunisha once checked Sheezan’s phone and found that he was cheating on her. On confronting Sheezan about the chats, Sheezan slapped her in his green room on the set of the television series ‘Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul’ (2022) and said that their relationship was over. While talking about this incident in an interview, Vanita said,

Tunisha once checked his phone and found that he was cheating on her. On confronting Sheezan, he slapped her in his room at the set and said that she could do whatever she wanted. He even told her that he has no relation with her now (tumhe jo karna hai kar lo, mera tumse koi rishta nahi hai).”

According to some sources, Tunisha and Sheezan broke up in November 2022 but decided to continue working together.

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Abetment to Death

On 24 December 2022, nearly two weeks after breaking up with Sheezan, Tunisha Sharma hanged herself in the bathroom of the makeup room of her ex-boyfriend, Sheezan Mohammed Khan, in a studio in Naigaon, Maharashtra. She was immediately taken to JJ Hospital in Mumbai, where the doctors declared her ‘brought dead.’ Moments before her death, Tunisha shared a story on her Instagram account from the sets of her TV show. In the story, she could be seen getting her hair and makeup done.

Tunisha Sharma's last Instagram post

Tunisha Sharma’s last Instagram post

Reportedly, Vanita Sharma filed a case against Sheezan Khan for abetment to suicide. On 25 December 2022, Waliv police arrested Sheezan Khan registering a case of abetment to suicide under section 306 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

The ‘Love-Jihaad’ Angle

Days after Sheezan’s arrest, many political leaders including the Bharatiya Janta Party MLA from Maharashtra Atul Bhatkhalkar demanded a probe be conducted from a ‘love jihad’ angle into Tunisha Sharma’s suicide case. Tunisha Sharma’s uncle, Pawan Sharma, talked about this in an interview and claimed that it is a matter of love jihad and requested police officials to investigate the matter from this perspective. Pawan Sharma, in the interview, said,

I believe that this is a matter of 100 percent love jihad. I want the police to investigate it in a special way, not only that the police should investigate this case separately. We do not know whether it is suicide or what else. We do not have any video recording.”


  • Vanita was fondly called ‘Bebe’ by her daughter, Tunisha Sharma.
  • In an interview, Vanita revealed that she does not like pets, especially dogs.
  • According to some sources, Vanita does not like tattoos, and she never allowed Tunisha to get one.
  • Vanita, while talking about Tunisha and Sheezan’s estranged relationship in an interview, revealed that when Tunisha once asked her to talk to Sheezan after their fight about Sheezan’s “secret” girlfriend, Vanita went to him and questioned him for keeping her daughter in dark for all those months. According to Vanita, Sheezan said,

    I am sorry aunty. I cannot do anything. Do whatever you want.”

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