Steve Harvey Wife Bodyguard Picture: Affair And Cheating Scandal Rumours

People are curious to see Steve Harvey wife bodyguard picture. Broderick Mr. Stephen Harvey Sr. is an American television host, producer, actor, and comedian. 

He hosts the court comedy Judge Steve Harvey, the Family Feud series, Celebrity Family Feud, Family Feud Africa, and the Steve Harvey Morning Show, and he previously presided over the Miss Universe pageant. 

He has won fourteen NAACP Image Awards, two Marconi Awards, and seven Daytime Emmy Awards.

Steve Harvey, a famous comedian and television personality, has found himself in the news, not for his comedic prowess but for allegations involving his wife, Marjorie Harvey and his longtime security William “Big Boom” Freeman.

Harvey married Marjorie Bridges in June 2007, and he credits her with improving his life and making him a better man. Three of Marjorie Harvey’s children were all adopted by Steve. 

People are eager to see Steve Harvey wife bodyguard pictures. Let’s get into this article to learn about the scandal related to them.

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Steve Harvey Wife Bodyguard Picture: Affair And Cheating Scandal Rumors

‘Big Boom’ Freeman is more than simply a bodyguard. This person resides in Texas and has long served as Steve Harvey’s defender. 

On his website, IAmBigBoom, he intriguingly describes himself as a “celebrated relationship speaker, author, and celebrity bodyguard” in addition to his security expertise.

After the outrageous accusations against her, Steve Harvey’s wife will not remain silent.

Steve Harvey wife bodyguard picture. (Source: Thedistin)

According to tabloid rumors, Marjorie Elaine allegedly cheated on the Family Feud host by sleeping with his cook and bodyguard. 

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She’s finally speaking out and putting the record straight after keeping her calm and composure for days.

At the Invest Fest 2023 yesterday, Steve said he and his wife were “doing fine.” 

Additionally, he advised the rumormongers to find another location since they didn’t have time for such rumors. His enormous fan base breathed a sense of relief upon hearing his words. 

Affair And Cheating Scandal Rumours

Marjorie Elaine, the wife of Steve Harvey, posted a quotation on her Instagram account titled “How to manage being lied about” that said, “When they flung their insults at him, he did not respond; when he grieved, he made no threats. 

Instead, he placed his trust in the just judge. Recently, claims that Marjorie Harvey and Freeman had an affair were all over the internet. 

These reports, which news organizations mostly spread, suggested that Marjorie had been spotted with Freeman, throwing doubt on her relationship with Steve.

One crucial fact that has piqued people’s interest is that Freeman, the same bodyguard, was thought to have brought the famous couple together in 2005. 

Given this background, many people are skeptical of the new allegations, calling into question the validity of the couple’s marriage.

While rumors abound online, Steve Harvey has maintained a straight face. He has not officially affirmed or refuted these allegations, leaving it to his spokespeople.

Steve Harvey Wife Bodyguard PictureHarvey has seven kids from three different marriages. (Source: People)

Such accusations may damage Steve Harvey’s reputation as a celebrity. Despite the lack of verifiable proof for these reports, the conversation volume can be upsetting and may strain personal and professional relationships.

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The actual truth is still challenging to find even while the rumors persist. Remembering the significance of avoiding making assumptions without solid evidence is crucial.

As Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey deal with the rumors, the spectator must approach such situations with empathy and understanding. 

It remains to be seen if these rumors are true, but until then, it’s only fair to assume they are.

Even though the outrageous charges had destroyed Marjorie Elaine’s reputation, internet users were impressed with how she handled the situation.

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