Richard Myre Suicide: Belle Plaine Killed Himself After Shooting Dale Dahmen & His Son Dominick

Richard Myre Suicide case has been a topic of interest for many people out there. Federal authorities are looking into three men’s alleged money dealings in a murder-suicide in Bloomington.

Father and son were killed in a murder-suicide, and the shooter’s potential reason was discovered. The shooter is a 44-year-old Belle Plaine resident.

According to fresh evidence from authorities, a Belle Plaine man may have been driven by troubling financial situations to kill a Father and son in Bloomington last week before taking his own life inside a parked pickup truck.


Dale Dahmen, 55, and Dominick Dahmen, 25, both of Buffalo, Minnesota, were shot and killed on February 3 by Richard Myre, 44, according to Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges on Thursday.

Let’s dive deep to learn more details on Richard Myre Suicide case. 

More Details on Richard Myre Suicide Case

The man who shot a Father and kid in a parking lot in Bloomington last week before killing himself has been named by Police in that city.

On February 1, Dale Dahmen, 55, and Dominick Dahmen, 25, waited for Richard Myre, 44, of Belle Plaine, in the parking lot on France Place.

According to Bloomington Police, the Dahmens entered Myre’s pickup truck just after 4:20 pm and spoke for around an hour and a half.

Police suspect Myre showed the Dahmens his revolver around 5:47 p.m. and shot Dale Dahmen in the head. 

He then engaged Dominick Dahmen in a physical altercation before shooting him seven times to death. Then, according to Police, Myre shot himself. The three guys may have traded stocks, according to the authorities. 

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Richard Myre suicide Shooter, a possible motive revealed in a murder-suicide that left father and son dead. (Source: Bring me the news)

They exhort anyone who thinks they are the victims of financial crimes committed by the guys to get in touch with Bloomington Police, who will provide information to federal authorities looking into possible financial crimes.

At a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges stated, “This is a tragedy. “We apologize for your loss on behalf of all the families on the side.”

Belle Plaine Killed Himself After Shooting Dale Dahmen & His Son Dominick

The guy accused of shooting and killing a father and son in Bloomington on February 1st and then turning the gun on himself was identified as a Belle Plaine resident on Thursday.

According to Police Chief Booker Hodges, Richard B. Myre Jr., 44, killed Dale Kenneth Dahmen, 55, and his son Dominick Kenneth Dahmen, 25, both of Buffalo, Minnesota, before turning the gun on himself.

The CEO said that Myre’s involvement in the stock market dealing with the father and son caused the shooting.

Around 4:15 pm, Myre pulled into the France Place business center’s parking lot in a black pickup truck close to the intersection of France Avenue and Interstate 494. 

The Dahmen family pulled up in their minivan around eight minutes later. The elder Dahmen sat in the front passenger seat of Myre’s pickup while his son sat in the back. 

When there was “commotion” in the car at 5:47 pm, Myre pulled out a revolver and shot the father twice, killing him, according to Hodges.

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Richard Myre suicideRichard Myre suicide case. (Source: KSTP)

Myre allegedly shot the younger Dahmen seven times after a scuffle between the two. Then, Hodges claimed, he committed suicide. 

According to the chief, the pickup included Myre’s gun and ten empty bullet casings. According to Hodges, federal authorities are reportedly looking into potential financial crimes involving the three individuals. 

He urged anyone who believed they may have deceived them into getting in touch with Bloomington Police at 952-563-4900 so that information may be forwarded to detectives.

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