Mr Pogi German, German Vlogger Marcel Messall Arrested For Sexual Assault

A German vlogger named Marcel Messall, or ‘Mr. Pogi German’ is arrested in the Philippines for the alleged sexual assault of a minor.

Muntinlupa City Police apprehended Messall after one of the girls featured in his videos was revealed to be a teenager.

The German vlogger films himself picking up women on the street, often causing ire among netizens.

Users have slammed his channel for exploiting Filipinos for content. He now faces rape charges against a minor.

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Mr. Pogi German, German Vlogger Marcel Messall, Arrested For Sexual Assault

Police officers have arrested a German vlogger for sexually assaulting a minor in Muntinlupa City in the Philippines.

The video blogger has been identified as Marcel Messall, 29, alias ‘Mr. Pogi German.’ The NCRPO (National Capital Region Police Office) and the CIDG (Criminal Investigation and Detection Group) made the assessment.

Messall was arrested inside his House in Eastwind Homes Subdivision, Barangay San Isidro, Montalban town, Rizal province, at around 10:30 am on Tuesday, January 10.

Authorities conducted the operation based on the victim’s complaint, and after, her video went viral with more than 8 million views within a day.

Reports note that the woman, recognized as 17-year-old “Ging,” was tricked into going along with the vlogger’s video script, saying she would be shown in the 24-Hour Jowa (Girlfriend) Challenge.

German Vlogger Mr. Jogi German made alarming videos. (Source: Coconuts)

Messal uses the name ‘Mr. Pogi German’ in his vlog, which means ‘Mr. Handsome German.’ He allegedly picked up the victim in Muntinlupa City and took her to a budget hotel in Alabang on January 8.

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It was where the alleged sexual assault of the victim and the filming of its video occurred. The complainant confidently identified Messal as the one who abused her.

The suspect was brought to Muntinlupa City Police Station for questioning before filing appropriate charges against the suspect.

According to Police, Messall is also facing a case for violating the Republic Act 9995 and the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009 for circulating photos and a video of another 17-year-old victim on social media.

The German Vlogger Content Was Unacceptable For Many

The German vlogger ‘Mr. Jogi German’ caused anger among social media users and a city mayor for his content, which showed him picking up women on the street and bringing them to motels.

He is now in trouble after one of the girls appears to be a minor. Although the video’s final cut showed Ging as an 18-year-old single mother and a pick-up girl, she is reportedly 17.

“The suspect knew the victim was 17. But for the content, he informed her to pose as an 18-year-old,” Angel Garcillano, the Police chief, said.

When the content was uploaded, the teenager saw that the video had been different from reality and that she “was made to look like a pick-up girl.”

Authorities have also confirmed that the girl was sexually molested, based on accounts and medical findings. 

Mr. Pogi GermanMr. Pogi German is now in custody. (Source: Filipino Post)

However, Messall insisted he did not know Ging was underage.

“I did not do anything to her. Doing something with the 18-year-old is not bawal (prohibited). Only if minor, diba (right)? If I knew that she is a minor, I would never agree with her because I’m a mabait (nice) guy,” the vlogger said.

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Messall now faces rape charges and other charges. Officials also found out that he was overstaying on his visa, which expired in 2019.

Muntinlupa City mayor Ruffy Biazon blasted the vlogger for his disturbing content. He said he found out about the channel after concerned users tagged him and asked the city council to declare him ‘persona non grata.’

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