Madison Trumpy, Student Arrested For Threat At Cape Coral High School

After confessing to writing a threat on a bathroom stall at a high school in Southwest Florida, a 19-year-old student named Madison Trumpy was detained.

A school threat was reported to the Cape Coral Police Department on Thursday, December 1, at Cape Coral High School, located at 2300 Santa Barbara Blvd., South.

Cape Coral High School informed the Police Department that there was a threat to the school. According to the Police, the 19-year-old was detained on December 1 and charged with writing a threat on a restroom stall.

The school identified Trumpy from video footage as the adolescent who is thought to have written the threat.

According to the Police, Trumpy later acknowledged writing the threat and claimed that she had photographed the threat out of guilt and reported it to a counselor.

Madison Trumpy Arrested: What Did She Do?

A student named Madison Trumpy, who wrote that she had a gun in her bookbag and would kill everyone, was reportedly a suspect, according to the School Resource Officer assigned to this school. Additionally, he left a note to be read on one of the restroom stalls in the girls’ restroom.

According to the investigators, Madison Trumpy, 19, was identified as the suspect after the school administration reviewed video footage taken near the restroom.

Inside Cape Coral High School (Source: lawenforcementtoday)

Another student came forward to inform the administrators that they saw Trumpy write the message. Detectives compared the writing on the stall to a sample of her handwriting.

She later admitted to writing the threat, and according to Cape Police, they photographed it and reported it to a counselor out of guilt.

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According to Police, Trumpy informed them about writing a bomb threat on August 17, 2022, in the Cape Coral High School girls’ restroom.

Madison Trumpy Charges: Is She Going To Jail?

The Cape Coral Police Department and the school resource officers acted swiftly and decisively to avert the threat of a mass school shooting.

After being arrested, Madison Trumpy is accused of making a written or electronic threat to kill or carry out a mass shooting.

Madison Trumpy arrestedMadison Trumpy, 19 year old high school student arrested. (Source:

The Lee County Jail is where she is being held.

The Major Crimes Unit of the Cape Coral Police Department arrived at the scene and took control of the investigation.

Madison is charged with written or electronic threats to commit murder or a mass shooting in violation of F.S.S. 812.10(2)(b).

Local media reported that after learning of the written threat, school officials looked over security camera footage from the area around the bathroom door. They concluded that Trumpy was the main suspect.

The Swift Police Response

The Cape Coral Police Department reacted immediately after being informed of the threat by school officials. The investigation was taken over by members of the Major Crimes Unit, who arrived at the scene promptly and diplomatically.

There have been no changes since the incident on December 1, according to the Chief of Police’s office of the Cape Coral Police Department.

The exact nature of Trumpy’s punishment is currently unknown. Trumpy’s criminal history, any mental health assessments, and the gravity of this crime, which is unquestionable to be taken very seriously, will all be important factors in determining what happens next legally.

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The Chief’s office reports unfavorable community feedback regarding the incident’s press release.

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The home address and picture of Trumpy were included in the press release. She’s still in high school, so this caused some community members to feel conflicted.

However, the threat of a mass shooting at a school should never be ignored. There can be no “joking around” with such a threat.

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