Laurence Gratton Accident Update: Death And Obituary

Explore the latest updates on the Laurence Gratton accident, highlighting the ongoing cyber harassment case in 2023. 

Laurence Gratton is an individual who experienced severe cyber harassment.

Their ordeal began in 2015 when they and fellow University of Montreal students received hateful and threatening messages from fake social media accounts.

The harassment was traced back to a classmate, Eric Boisvert, who pleaded guilty to multiple charges.

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Laurence Gratton Accident Update

There is no reported accident involving Laurence Gratton; the information provided is about her experiences with cyber harassment.

Gratton has been a victim of persistent cyberharassment that has spanned several years.

Her story sheds light on the ongoing issue of online harassment, its profound impact on victims, and the challenges in addressing such cases.

Laurence’s ordeal began in 2015 when she and fellow students at the University of Montreal started receiving a barrage of hateful and threatening messages, often from fake social media accounts.

Laurence is a cyber harassment victim, and her story is raising awareness. (Image Source: IMDb)

As time passed, Laurence and her classmates began to suspect that their harasser was someone within their class.

After much insistence, Montreal police finally initiated an investigation, which led to accusations of harassment, death threats, and physical threats against one of their classmates, Eric Boisvert.

Laurence was targeted but was not among the four plaintiffs in the case.

Eric Boisvert eventually pleaded guilty to multiple charges related to death threats and harassment.

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He was sentenced to 18 months of probation, with the judge considering his autism as a mitigating factor.

Despite reporting the situation to Terrebonne police, the harassment persists, raising concerns about inadequate resources and expertise available to investigate cyber harassment cases.

This case underscores the need for better-equipped cybercrime units and a more comprehensive approach to tackle this form of online abuse that can have severe real-world consequences.

Laurence Gratton Death Threads: Is She Dead Or Alive?

Because of online bullying, Laurence Gratton has been going through an intense time. She started receiving mean and scary messages on the internet. 

After a lot of effort, the police decided to investigate. They found that Laurence and her friends had been sending death threats and harassing them.

Eric Boisvert was responsible for sending those terrible messages and even threatened to harm them in real life.

Laurence believes her involvement in a documentary called “I salute you bitch” might have made the bullying start again. 

She shared her story in the documentary, but they didn’t mention Eric Boisvert’s name.

Since then, Laurence has been getting more scary messages. Her tormentor even makes fake accounts in her family members’ names and sends her friend requests from creepy profiles.

Laurence contacted the police, but the harassment is still happening. It’s been hard for her.

Laurence Gratton AccidentLaurence is alive, facing ongoing cyber harassment challenges bravely. (Image Source: 

Currently, Laurence is alive and dealing with the ongoing challenges posed by the cyber harassment she has been enduring.

However, she has sought help from the police and investigation teams to address the relentless online bullying she has been subjected to.

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Despite the emotional toll and distress caused by this harassment, Laurence actively seeks assistance to ensure her safety and hold the perpetrators accountable.

Furthermore, Laurence’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of seeking support and legal intervention when faced with online harassment.

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