K Shanmugam And Foo Mee Har Relationship: Did They Have An Affair?

Rumors of the Singaporean politician and lawyer K Shanmugam And Foo Mee Har relationship have been spreading online apparently. People want to know whether it is just a rumor or legitimate news.

Shanmugam Kasiviswanathan, widely recognized as K. Shanmugam, is a Singaporean political and lawyer.

He has held the position of Minister for Law since 2008 and has been overseeing the Ministry for Home Affairs since 2015.

As for Foo Mee Har, originally from Malaysia and now a Singaporean, is a notable figure in politics and business.

As a member of the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP), she has held the role of Member of Parliament (MP) for the Ayer Rajah–Gek Poh area within the West Coast GRC since 2011.

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K Shanmugam And Foo Mee Har Relationship: Did They Have An Affair?

Rumors of alleged extra-marital affairs involving public figures often capture the public’s imagination.

In the case of K. Shanmugam, a prominent Singaporean politician and lawyer, and Foo Mee Har, a fellow politician and businesswoman, the whispers of a romantic involvement have ignited curiosity.

However, it’s important to approach such claims with caution and a discerning eye, separating fact from sensationalism.

K. Shanmugam, a married man with two children, has been the subject of persistent rumors regarding his alleged relationship with Foo Mee Har.

These rumors are fueled by various sources that have painted Shanmugam with a less than flattering moniker, labeling him as “Lee Kuan Yew’s playboy minister.”

Various sources have painted Shanmugam with a less than flattering moniker, Lee Kuan Yew’s playboy minister. (Source: New Naratif)

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It’s also been suggested that he has a history of extra-marital encounters, primarily involving Singaporean Chinese women, which has led to speculation about his preferences and behaviors.

One of the most striking claims is that K. Shanmugam’s former wife reportedly stated that his involvement with a Chinese colleague led to their divorce.

He has reportedly been called a congenital liar who can lie without batting an eyelid.

However, the accuracy of such statements should be questioned, as it is not uncommon for personal matters to become sensationalized in the public eye.

Despite the sensationalism, no credible sources have definitively confirmed the alleged affair between K. Shanmugam and Foo Mee Har.

It is crucial to avoid concluding solely from unsubstantiated claims and unverified gossip.

The notion that Shanmugam is a “congenital liar” is a strong assertion requiring substantial evidence.

K Shanmugam Shuts Down The Affair Rumor

Singaporean politician K Shanmugam wasted no time in dispelling swirling rumors that gained traction following the resurfacing of an old blog post suggesting an extramarital affair between him and fellow People’s Action Party (PAP) MP, Foo Mee Har.

Swiftly addressing the situation, Shanmugam took to Facebook to clear the air and end the speculation.

The rumor mill churned when an old blog post began circulating online, insinuating a romantic involvement between Shanmugam and Foo Mee Har.

In response, Shanmugam took a direct stance against these claims, asserting that the allegations were entirely baseless.

Additionally, he pointed out the existence of another supposed post attributed to his ex-wife, Jothie Rajah, which he labeled as false and malicious.

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According to Shanmugam’s Facebook post, an individual impersonating his ex-wife had purportedly posted damaging falsehoods many years ago.

He vehemently denied the veracity of these allegations, highlighting that his ex-wife had not written the post and that it was, in fact, the work of an imposter with malicious intent.

In light of the rumors making rounds across various online platforms, Shanmugam revealed that he had taken a two-pronged approach to address the situation.

Firstly, he had engaged his legal team to closely examine the matter, potentially exploring legal actions against those spreading false information.

Secondly, he considered alternative avenues to tackle the rumors and set the record straight.

Foo Mee Har Husband: Bernard Chan And Family

The Malaysian-born Singaporean politician and businesswoman, Foo Mee Har is married to her husband, Bernard Chan.

Together, they have built a family and are parents to two sons, Martin and Matthew Chan.

Bernard Chan has been professionally involved as a general manager at an IT firm, contributing his expertise to the technology industry.

Over the years, the couple has faced challenges under public scrutiny.

In 2006, an application for a bankruptcy order against Bernard Chan stirred conversations in various online forums.

Foo Mee HarIn 2006, an application for a bankruptcy order against Foo Mee Har’s husband stirred conversations in online forums. (Source: CNA)

Concerns were raised, and speculations about the circumstances surrounding this incident, particularly considering Foo Mee Har’s position and association with the bank in question.

However, subsequent investigations revealed a different picture. Contrary to initial reports, Bernard Chan was never declared bankrupt, and the bankruptcy order attributed to Standard Chartered Bank was eventually withdrawn.

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Despite their challenges, the family’s resilience and unity have been evident. Foo Mee Har took the opportunity to share a heartfelt Father’s Day message, expressing gratitude for her husband’s unwavering support throughout their sons’ lives.

She highlighted Bernard Chan’s pivotal role as a pillar of strength, mentor, and friend to their children as they transition into adulthood.

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