Alana Sims Death Case: Tampa Rapper Billy Adams Arrested For Killing Five Months Pregnant Women

Alana Sims’ death news has flooded the Internet after she was found dead beside her car while her toddler slept inside. 

Alana Sims’ death news was out on Monday; Sim’s mother was in a phone interview with the media after her demise. Her mother described that she was five months pregnant before her death. 

The news has taken interest worldwide; people have been praying for her children and sharing condolence with her family. 

Sims is just an ordinary person who is a mother and is more often with her baby boy than in any other place.

Her mother mentioned after having her first baby, she stopped going to parties, clubbing, and with her friend just to spend more time with her kid.

Read further to learn about the case in detail; this article will include everything you need to know about a five-month pregnant mother who was killed on Monday, February 6. 

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Alana Sims Death Case

Alana Sims was found dead beside her car, where her 23-month-old child was sleeping inside; the investigation was on since she was found dead. 

As per the report, she died because of upper body trauma, but what was used to attack her is unknown. The investigation is still going on. 

A local person found the body of Smis and later reported it to Police; Police found her lying in the group near her car, whereas her son was unharmed.

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Police believe that it was a planned murder, and the killer knows Sims and knows about her son being with her as well. 

Alana Sims, five months pregnant lady, died on February 6, 2023. (Image Source: Medico Topics)

Sims’ family has been cooperating with the Police department, waiting for the result and for the murderer to get arrested.

Further, Sims’mother, Shahlevi Sims, was interviewed on a Wednesday phone; she looked after her 23-month-old granddaughter after Sims died.

Shahlevi said that she was happy about being pregnant with her second child; she said, “She no longer clubbed, she no longer went out to bars, she just loved spending time with her son,” 

After the interview, she mentioned the only thing her family wants is the reason behind killing a mother at 23 months old. 

Not only her family, everyone following the news eagerly waits for the killer to reveal the reason behind the crime.

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Tampa Rapper Billy Adams Arrested For Killing Five Months Pregnant Women

Rapper Billy Adams was arrested for the murder of Alana Sims, the mother of a 23-month-old son. 

After three days after Sim’s death, Tampa Police revealed that Billy Adams confessed to being the one to pull the trigger.

The chief mentioned that the rapper was very polite and was cooperating with the investigators, but he did not seem to show remorse.

Rapper Billy Adams Accused of Killing Pregnant Mom Days After Murder Acquittal.Rapper Billy Adams Accused of Killing Pregnant Mom Days After Murder Acquittal. (Image Source: The Daily Beast)

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They mentioned that the primary motive for killing the mother of two was not wanting a child. Billy said he was not ready for fatherhood, so he decided to kill her.

Billy has been arrested and is under Police investigation, but they have not reclaimed of having the murder weapon, so still, the research is on.

The rapper Billy Adams has been charged with first-degree murder and killing an unborn child.

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