John Barrett Wife: Was The Legendary Hairstylist Married? Family

John Barrett wife has been trending as a Celebrity hair stylist and the owner died recently at the age of 66. Here’s who was in his family.

John Barrett was renowned for his innovative spirit and leadership in the luxury hair industry, having spent over two decades at the forefront.

Originally from Limerick, Ireland, Barrett opened his inaugural salon in New York City in 1996 and skillfully operated his Bergdorf Goodman salon for over 20 years.

He recently unveiled an exceptionally captivating salon in New York, marked by its loft-style ambiance adorned with art, books, and exceptional talent.

The John Barrett Salon, located at 36 East 57th Street in New York, NY, offers a range of premier services for hair care and styling.

Drawing on vast experience with upscale clients, John prioritized their comfort in a remarkable space offering premium hair care, beauty, and more.

The salon also boasts a carefully curated selection of fine jewelry and intriguing pieces.

John, the famously known and loved stylist, has sadly passed away recently, driving people to be curious about his family, especially his wife.

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John Barrett Wife: Was The Legendary Hairstylist Married?

Renowned celebrity hairstylist John Barrett, known for his collaborations with figures like Princess Diana and Martha Stewart, has sadly passed away at the age of 66.

A dear friend, Julianne Jaffe, revealed that his battle with blood cancer led to his passing, as reported by

However, there has not been a single mention of the hairstylist having a wife, which denotes that he was probably not married or kept it hidden from the public.

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John Barrett, the celebrity hairstylist, passed away, did not disclose any details of being married or having a wife (Source: WWD)

John possessed an unparalleled ability to illuminate any room with his charisma, humor, and honesty.

His extraordinary gift was his talent to make everyone he attended to in his chair feel exquisitely beautiful.

His ethos revolved around the belief that “It’s not just about the hair, it’s about the care.”

He exhibited a profound passion for his cherished family, salon, and devoted staff.

Numerous friends and fellow celebrities of the hairstylist hurried to express their condolences in the comments section, honoring his legacy.

More On John Barrett: His Family And Career

Hailing from a family of ten siblings, John Barrett grew up modestly in Limerick, Ireland. However, he never spoke much about his family and gave no information.

In the mid-1970s, he went to London for a hairdressing apprenticeship. His inherent talent propelled him rapidly in the field.

In the late 1980s, he ventured to Los Angeles, forming connections with actresses and fashion editors who would later contribute to his celebrity status.

Following another phase in London, he eventually settled in New York during the early 1990s, culminating in the opening of his first salon in 1996.

John Barrett wifeOriginally from Limerick, Ireland, Barrett opened his inaugural salon in New York City in 1996 (Source: Bloomberg)

Throughout his career, John Barrett has intentionally avoided crafting a signature cut.

Instead, he focuses on a universal aim: offering each client a modern, clean, and inviting look that skillfully blends uptown sophistication with downtown vibrancy.

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This unique approach allows every individual, including men, to effortlessly embody their natural beauty and express themselves with grace.

With a specialization in the French Balayage technique, John’s Salon in New York provides a refined and natural appearance for its clientele.

The salon provides a diverse range of hair treatments, covering cutting, styling, conditioning, repair, coloring, and straightening services.

Moreover, it also offers expertise in braiding and ponytail styling, both with and without extensions.

The establishment’s attentive specialists ensure an in-depth consultation for each client, customizing treatments to meet individual hair concerns and desires.

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