Is Sandra Sully Leaving 10 News After Hand Injury, What Happened To Her And Where Is She Now?

Is Sandra Sully Leaving 10 News After Hand Injury? Sandra Sully is a journalist, news anchor, and editor for 10 News First in Sydney and Queensland. 

She is an Australian. Sully graduated in 1978 from Brisbane State High School. Sully was the first Australian television journalist to report on the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. 

She was broadcasting when the initial incident took place and started providing live-breaking coverage immediately after.

She also served as the National Carbon Test host for Cool Aid Australia. She served as the first female co-host of the Melbourne Cup program for seven years.

Sandra Sully responds angrily to a Twitter troll while defending Channel 10’s choice to allow employees to work on Australia Day: The DATE is important

Sully stated that the choice not to observe the national holiday was made because of the controversy around the date of Australia Day, with many people advocating for a change.

The parent company of Channel 10 stated that January 26 was not a day for festivities; rather, Paramount executives informed personnel that they might opt to work on the day.

Is Sandra Sully Leaving 10 News After Hand Injury? Let’s find out.

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Is Sandra Sully Leaving 10 News After Hand Injury?

Sandra Sully, a veteran newscaster for Ten, was shown on camera with her hand tightly bandaged, raising questions.

With two of her left-hand fingers covered in bandages, the renowned journalist read the 5 pm headlines for 10 News First on Monday.

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Sandra Sully leaving news is all over the internet and people are curious to learn more about it. (Source: Daily Mail)

One of the most recognizable television personalities in Australia, Sully, underwent surgery after suffering an injury a week earlier, according to Network 10.

The bandaged hand of newsreader Sandra Sully was visible on the broadcast. She is recovering well at this time.

Since joining the Ten News team in 1990, Sandra has broken the news of the September 11 terrorist attacks, which are remembered today on the occasion of their 22nd anniversary. 

What Happened To Her And Where Is She Now?

Sandra recalled one of her most awkward live TV incidents earlier this year.

On the I’ve Got News For You podcast, the seasoned newsreader admitted that she once found it difficult to conclude a story about a kangaroo who was “playing with his testicles.”

The Channel 10 host added, “[At the conclusion of my broadcast], I would throw to sport, and they would have a play of the day.

I usually had a chance to review it, but once they waited until I was on air because I was busy and forgot to include it in the rundown. I wasn’t even able to look at the photographs.

In [the story], there was a kangaroo horde on the golf course during a competition. This kangaroo decided to play with his testicles, which had to be stopped.

Sandra stated that she couldn’t complete her newscast because she wasn’t anticipating it.

The team added music to the coverage, which was of an international scope. It surprised me, and I barely had time to finish the message. About 11.30 p.m., she said.

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Personal Life Of Sandra Sully

In November 1997, Sully was the target of what appeared to be a stalker. After coming from a late shift at Ten, she received two pistol-whipped blows in the parking lot of her house. 

She informed the audience at an awards event in late 2006 that she had hired “a couple of security guards” as a result of the incident.

After getting married in 2011, Sully adopted her husband’s kid and became her stepmother.

Sandra SullySandra is an Australian news presenter journalist and editor. (Source: Daily Mail)

Sully presents 10 News First Sydney as of 2018. Prior to hosting Ten’s primary Sydney 5:00 pm weekday bulletin, Sully began her career by hosting Ten Eyewitness News Brisbane in the 1990s. 

As part of a revamp of the 10 News First brand, Sully has also been presenting the Queensland bulletin from September 2020, which is produced in Sydney.

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