Haruta Shigemo Death Plot: Who Killed Him?

People are curious to learn about Haruta Shigemo Death news. A recurrent foe in the Jujutsu Kaisen series is Haruta Shigemo. A recurrent foe in the Jujutsu Kaisen series is Haruta Shigemo. 

He belonged to the group of evil sorcerers led by Uraume and Pseudo-Geto and used curses. 

Shigemo was involved in the Shibuya Incident and the Jujutsu High’s Goodwill Event invasion. Haruta Shigemo is an odd person who values his personal pleasure and self-preservation above everything else. 

Despite being fairly intelligent, he acts in a psychotic and juvenile way. Shigemo freely admits to being a coward when it comes to magic, preferring to battle lesser adversaries rather than clashing with strong ones. 

Shigemo, like other curse users, is a sadist who takes pleasure in other people’s suffering. Shigemo feels that killing individuals or fighting those who are unable to defend themselves is his finest fit. 

He is described as being unreliable by Juzo Kumiya, who also gifted him a weapon that essentially grips his hand. Like Uraume, he typically only follows instructions from others and will flee at the first hint of conflict.

People are curious to learn about Haruta Shigemo death plot, so be with us till the end to learn more.

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Haruta Shigemo Death Plot: Who Killed Him?

Curse-user Haruta was a Kenjaku ally. He had caused trouble at the Sister School Exchange Event, and when he got back to Shibuya, he began attacking sorcerers and their helpers. 

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Despite being mercilessly defeated by Nanami, Haruta was able to live and eventually killed Megumi. But before he could, Sukuna intervened, destroying Shibuya and slicing Haruto in two vertically.

Jujutsu Kaisen is a dark Shonen manga series renowned for its harsh storyline. The story takes place on a planet where resentment breeds cursed spirits that pose a threat to the well-being of the populace. 

Haruta Shigemo Death plot explained. (Source: Breeze Wiki)

To cope with those curses, jujutsu sorcerers put their lives in danger and teach young trainees how to do the same. 

Curses will persist as long as there are humans, the fight against them will never cease. The sorcerers are opposed by curse users as if that weren’t enough. 

As a result, the Jujutsu society has experienced and continues to experience numerous casualties over the years.  

Haruta Shigemo Abilities And Powers

Shigemo is a reasonably powerful sorcerer despite being an open coward who will only engage in combat with opponents he perceives to be inferior to himself. 

He was hired by Uraume to help Pseudo-Geto in his scheme to seal Satoru Gojo. He was an easy kill for non-combat sorcerers like auxiliary managers.

In a fight when Shigemo was largely concentrated on fighting Nitta, he was also able to overwhelm Nobara momentarily. He managed to evade Nobara’s strikes while still pursuing the manager. 

Shigemo’s intelligence and capacity to hit Nobara repeatedly with flawless blows caught her unprepared. Shigemo’s power, however, pales in contrast to that of a genuine grade 1 sorcerer. 

Without receiving even a scratch from the curse user, Kento Nanami easily beat Shigemo to a pulp.

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Haruta Shigemo death plotA recurrent foe in the Jujutsu Kaisen series is Haruta Shigemo. (Source: Internet)

Shigemo’s innate talent and exceptional good fortune helped him to escape several difficult circumstances, including his encounter with Nanami. 

Shigemo is largely ignorant of the operation of his own technique. His reliance on his cursed weapon led Nobara to mistake him for a mid-ranged combatant. 

Shigemo primarily uses clumsy swordplay to stab and slice weakly armed opponents. Even though he had previously thrown his blade, he was aware of the cursed object’s capacity for independent action.

Shigemo abused several helpless managers before attacking Megumi from behind after the student had already suffered harm.

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