Garland Shooting: Richard Acosta Found Guilty In 2021 Shooting- 3 Teens Were Killed

Garland Shooting: on 26 December 2021, then 14-year-old boy fatally shot three teenage boys at a Garland convenience store. His dad has been sentenced to life in prison but is still on the run.

The dad suspected of acting as his teenage son’s getaway driver was found guilty of capital murder concerning the three fatalities.

Richard Acosta Jr. has been sentenced to life in prison. However, the Acosta’s son, Abel Elias Acosta, who allegedly shot four teenagers – killing three and wounding one – is still missing.

Who are the victims of the Garland Shooting? In today’s short article, let’s take a detailed look at the 2021 shooting.

Garland Shooting: Richard Acosta Found Guilty In 2021 Shooting

Richard Acosta Jr., a 34-year-old man, was convicted by a jury in Dallas of capital murder for the 2021 Garland shooting deaths.

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Acosta’s son, Abel Elias Acosta, killed three teenage boys and wounded one the day after Christmas, 26 December 2021.

Abel Elias Acosta has been on the run since he killed three and wounded one at a Garland convenience store in 2021. (Image Source: The Dallas Morning News)

He has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. His sentence came under a Texas rule that permits accomplices to be charged even if they did not commit the crime.

Acosta said in court that he had no idea that his son had a firearm or had shot anyone. He claimed that his son got into his car and told him to leave because someone was shooting.

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Shortly after the incident, Abel Acosta, 15, vanished, and according to investigators, he is still on the run and armed and dangerous.

According to the prosecution, Richard Acosta allegedly tried to relocate his family from Garland while also trying to get rid of the evidence.

Who Are The Garland Shooting Victims?

Three teenagers killed at the 2021 Garland Shooting are Rafael Garcia, 17, Xavier Gonzalez, 14, and Ivan Noyala, 16.

The Dallas County District Attorney’s office confirmed the information in a statement. The fourth victim suffered a critical injury but survived.

Rubi Gonzalez, Xavier Gonzalez’s sister, stated that she witnessed how Richard Acosta Jr. pretended not to notice his son’s unacceptable actions during the trial.

Garland ShootingThe 2021 Garland Shooting victims. (Image Source: Fox4News)

Gonzalez added, “we experienced many milestones without him, and we’re going to experience so many more.” “Today only served to give him half justice.”

Garland Police: We Are Only Halfway To Justice

Although Richard Acosta Jr. is sentenced to life in prison, his son – who actually committed the crime – is still at large.

Garland Police department took to social media and said they are only halfway to justice. They also assured the public, saying, “we won’t give up until Abel Acosta is detained.”

Usually, authorities don’t release juvenile information related to crimes. However, considering the nature of the offense and possible risk to the public, the court authorized the release of Abel Elias.

Moreover, the reward for information that results in Abel Acosta’s capture is $10,000. According to a Garland Police officer, the shooting appeared to be retaliation from a previous disturbance.

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They also believed that it was a targeted attack. Police showed footage of a teenager opening the store’s door and firing. He was wearing shorts and no shirt.

A 40-caliber pistol was reportedly used during the incident and is believed to have an extended magazine, Garland Police Chief Jeff Bryan. He also said that the shooter fired at least 20 rounds.

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