Fact Check: Is Jennifer Aniston Related To Matthew Perry? Relationship Explained

Is Jennifer Aniston related to Matthew Perry? Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston have been pals for a long time. However, fans were unaware of the significant influence Aniston had on Perry’s life.

They had no idea that she would be the one to save his life in the end.  A lot of us first got to know Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry from the popular comedy Friends, which went on to become one of the all-time greats. 

The sitcom continued to win hearts for ten years, depicting a close-knit group of friends who everyone could relate to. The Friends cast was considered by many fans to be as close friends off-screen as they were on.

The tragic reality of Matthew Perry’s personal life during the show’s filming is revealed in his recently published memoir Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir. 

Many of his secrets were also made public, particularly those pertaining to his co-star Jenifer Aniston. Be with us till the end to learn how is Jennifer Aniston related to Matthew Perry.

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Fact Check: Is Jennifer Aniston Related To Matthew Perry?

Is Jennifer Aniston Related To Matthew Perry? The friendship between Aniston and Perry was a given. The cast has been together for over a decade and frequently spoke about their closeness off-screen. 

One of the reasons the show was so successful was because it was clear that the ensemble had true chemistry.

Perry disclosed that he had a major crush on Aniston before they were put together on the show in recent news, which before the release of his new memoir. 

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Actually, the two were introduced to one another by mutual acquaintances three years before their fated meeting on the sitcom set. He had warmed up to her pretty rapidly. 

Is Jennifer Aniston Related To Matthew Perry? Let’s find out. (Source: GoalCast)

Perry goes on to say that he told Aniston how he felt, but she could not feel the same way. “Looking back, it was evident that this made her think I liked her too much or in the wrong kind of way,” he writes in The Times. 

By asking her out at that point, I just made things worse. She claimed she would love to be friends with me, but she declined, which made it very difficult to go out with her. I clarified matters by yelling, “We can’t be friends!”

A few years later, the two would awkwardly reconcile on the show. Perry maintained a working connection with Aniston despite his romantic feelings for her, and the two eventually became close friends.

Perry could never have guessed that Aniston would be the friend and co-star who would reach out to him, helping him through the worst time in his life. 

Jennifer Aniston Came To The Rescue Of Mathhew Perry

Despite their professional relationship, Perry would never have imagined that Aniston would be the one to confront him and push him toward sobriety. 

Aniston had walked into his trailer one day during Perry’s deep dive into the world of addiction, and she was very upfront: “We know you’re drinking.” 

This statement had taken Perry aback as he thought he was hiding it relatively well. She told him that they could smell the alcohol off of him and that he needed to get help.

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is Aniston Related To MatthewJennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry have been friends for years. (Source: E-online)

Perry’s repression of his affection for Aniston occasionally caused difficulty in their interactions. Perry would never have guessed that she would be the one to confront him and force him into recovery, even if they had a working relationship.

Aniston had entered Perry’s trailer one day during his descent into addiction and told him straight out, “We know you’re drinking.” 

Perry had felt he was hiding it very well, so he had been surprised by this revelation. She informed him that he needed to get treatment since they could smell the booze on him. 

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