Eddie Irizarry Criminal Record: What Was His Family Ethnicity?

There has been significant curiosity about Eddie Irizarry criminal record after all the charges against his alleged shooter were dismissed Tuesday.

Eddie Irizarry was a young man who lived in Philadelphia. He was killed by a police officer in a controversial shooting.

The 27-year-old reportedly suffered from schizophrenia. His family and friends described him as a gentle, loving, and artistic person who enjoyed drawing and painting.

He was also a father of two children, who are now left without their dad. His death sparked outrage and protests from his community, who demanded justice and accountability for his killing.

Meanwhile, many people have been asking if the late man had any criminal record. Here is what we know.

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Eddie Irizarry Criminal Record: Did He Have Any?

Eddie Irizarry had no criminal record before Philadelphia police officer Mark Dial fatally shot him on 14 August 2023.

Dial fired six shots at him, some of which passed through the rolled-up driver’s side window, killing him while he was still inside his car during a traffic check.

The charges against Philadelphia Police Officer Mark Dial were dismissed on Tuesday. (Image Source: ABC News)

After a brief car chase, according to police, Irizarry jumped out of his vehicle, brandishing a knife and lunged at the officers.

Body camera footage “made it very clear what initially reported was not actually what happened.”

The body cam video shows Dial exiting his vehicle and walking towards Irizarry’s car with his gun drawn. He can be heard saying, “I will f— shoot you,” before firing into the front driver’s seat where Irizarry was sitting.

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Before the shots were fired, an officer can also be heard telling Irizarry to show his hands. Dial fired six shots at close range.

Authorities did find two knives in Eddie’s car. However, the victim’s family, Eddie Irizarry Sr., described that it was used in his job as a mechanic to strip wire.

On 8 September 2023, Dial was charged with first-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, and five other offenses.

However, Judge Wendy Pew dropped the case on Tuesday during a preliminary hearing due to a lack of evidence.

The judge’s decision was met with “disagreement” by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

“In keeping with our oath to seek justice, we will move to have all criminal charges, including Murder, reinstated against this defendant,” the office said in a statement following the hearing.

The office has since refiled the criminal complaint against Dial on all charges. The Court of Common Pleas has scheduled a hearing on the motion for 25 October.

What Was Eddie Irizarry Family Ethnicity?

Eddie Irizarry was of Puerto Rican ethnicity. He was born in Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island with a rich cultural heritage and a diverse population influenced by various ethnic groups.

Puerto Rico’s unique blend of cultures has given rise to a vibrant and distinct Puerto Rican identity.

Eddie Irizarry Criminal RecordAfter a court dismissed all charges against the alleged shooter, Mark Dial, Eddie Irizarry’s cousins and supporters demonstrated together. (Image Source: Philadelphia Inquirer)

Irizarry reportedly moved to the United States several years ago. But he couldn’t speak English fluently. People’s language abilities can vary, and fluency in a second language can develop over time.

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Nonetheless, Eddie Irizarry’s ethnicity is Puerto Rican, reflecting his roots in the culturally diverse and vibrant island of Puerto Rico.

Moreover, his family is doing everything to bring justice. Shaka Johnson is an attorney for the Irizarry family.

Eddie’s family and friends have yet to accept his untimely passing. Let’s hope the victim will get justice and the person responsible for his tragic death will face the law.

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