Dj Kill Bill Death Cause, Did He Commit Suicide? Real Name Revealed (urgent)

A Detroit-based DJ ended his own life in October 2014 by jumping into the Detroit River. 

Prior to this tragic event, he had achieved some fame in Detroit’s music scene, having attended a local high school and released a mixtape.

The mixtape contained hints about his plans. On social media, he posted a photo with rapper Ghostface Killah visible in the background.

The tragic loss of this young artist to suicide deeply saddens many. He is remembered as a promising talent in the music industry whose career was cut short.

Despite his early departure, his potential and the impact he could have had are still acknowledged and mourned by many.

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Dj Kill Bill Death Cause, Did He Commit Suicide?

Billy Watts was a 17-year-old high school senior at Renaissance High School in Detroit, Michigan.

Under the stage name DJ Kill Bill, he had developed a following in Detroit’s music scene.

However, Billy had battled depression for several months leading up to October 2014.

On October 26th, 2014—exactly 10 years ago—Billy meticulously orchestrated his suicide on social media.

He posted several photos documenting his final day, from waking up to his last meal.

Dj Kill Bill memories will be cherished by his loved ones (Source: Instagram)

The captions hinted ominously at what was to come with sayings like “Smile, you lived” and asking if his watch was waterproof.

Shortly after the social media posts, Billy tragically took his own life at age 17 by jumping into the Detroit River. His body was recovered within hours.

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Billy Watts, performing as DJ Kill Bill, was described as a vibrant, brilliant, and creative young man.

His premeditated suicide by livestreaming cryptic posts and then jumping into the Detroit River shocked his community.

His death by suicide at such a promising young age, after months of struggling with depression, is absolutely heartbreaking.

Dj Kill Bill Real Name Revealed 

As stated earlier, the musician known as DJ Kill Bill was born with the name Billy Watts. Tragically, at the young age of 17, Billy took his own life through suicide.

DJ Kill Bill was a young musician who died by suicide. Before he passed away, he released a mixtape.

Several songs on that mixtape are described as disturbing. One track even sounds like someone jumping into water.

Friends said DJ Kill Bill, whose real name was Billy, was a caring person who made others feel better. He always had nice things to say and supported people.

Dj Kill Bill death cause Dj Kill Bill legacy will remain untouched forever (Source: Instagram)

Billy would have turned 19 years old on May 18th of this year. His family and friends are likely thinking about him today as they remember his life.

Even though his life was short, Billy seems to have been a good person who tried to help others when he could.

His memory lives on through his music and in the hearts of those who knew him.

His loved ones probably wish he was still here as they mark his birthday and think about everything he went through.

The tragic story of DJ Kill Bill, real name Billy Watts, reminds us of the intense struggles with mental health that can afflict even creative young minds.

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His premature death by suicide at 17 resonates as those close to him now mark what would have been his 29th birthday.

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