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Dilipkumar Lakhi is an Indian businessman, investor, and successful diamond merchant. He is the CEO of Lakhi Group. In 2003, he became a sensation in the media for being the top individual taxpayer. Dilipkumar once again caught everyone’s attention when he purchased Cadbury House, a well-known landmark in South Mumbai. In 2024, he made headlines for donating 101 kg of gold (valuing around Rs. 68 crores) to the Ram Lalla temple in Ayodhya.


Dilipkumar Vishindas Lakhi lives in Mumbai’s Malabar Hill area.

Family & Caste

He was born into a Sindhi family hailing from Shikarpur District in the Sindh province of Pakistan.

Parents & Siblings

His father, Vishindas Holaram, is the founder of the Lakhi Group, a diamond business, in Jaipur, Rajasthan in 1944. Dilipkumar Lakhi has four brothers, Motiram V. Lakhi, Girdharilal V. Lakhi, Prakash V. Lakhi and Deepak V. Lakhi. They take an active role in the business in India and overseas. The eldest brother, Motiram, runs the operations in Hong Kong. Girdharilal Vishindas Lakhi is a director of Vishindas Holaram Private Limited. His brothers Deepak and Prakash respectively head Sparklers International in Dubai and Vishinda Inc. in New York.

Wife & Children

In 1976, Dilipkumar got married to Karuna. Together, they have three children, a son, Chirag, and two daughters, Abhilasha and Prerna. Chirag Dilipkumar Lakhi is also a businessman and director of Vishindas Holaram Private Limited.

Dilipkumar Lakhi's son, Chirag Dilipkumar Lakhi

Dilipkumar Lakhi’s son, Chirag Dilipkumar Lakhi


His nephews Manish and Ritesh (Girdharilal’s sons) manage polished sales.

Religion/Religious Views

Dilipkumar Lakhi follows Hinduism. He was one of the key donors of the Ram Mandir project in Ayodhya.


Dilipkumar Lakhi's signature

Dilipkumar Lakhi’s signature


In 1944, before the Partition of India, Dilipkumar’s father, Shri Vishindas Holaram, from Sindh, Shikarpur started and ran a gemstone business in Jaipur. Jaipur was already known worldwide for its excellent craftsmanship in gems and jewellery. At the age of 13 years, Dilipkumar would study and also help with the business in his spare time. The more he became involved in his father’s business, the more he admired his father’s business skills, hard work, and determination. In 1972, when Dilipkumar was 22, he moved to Mumbai to establish a base in the city’s Zaveri Bazaar. This was a time when India was becoming a major hub for diamond processing. Dilipkumar seized this opportunity and made the most of it. The Lakhi Group was the first to set up the largest factory in Asia and produced over a million carats of polished diamonds.

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As a Businessman

Dilipkumar Lakhi is the chairman of the Lakhi Group. The Lakhi group comprises of two firms, Vishindas Holaram (VH), constituted in 1944, and Dilipkumar V. Lakhi (DVL), constituted in 1970. The Lakhi family ranks among the top exporters of CPD (cut, polished, diamonds) in India, with operations in more than 20 countries. In addition to their export business, they also provide diamonds to several prominent Indian CPD companies, many of which are DTC sight holders, demonstrating their strong reputation in the market. Dilipkumar V Lakhi plays a significant role as a personal guarantor for the banking facilities used by DJG. Mr. Viral Shah, a partner with a decade of experience, has also been involved with other companies in the same industry. On 28 August 2007, he became the director of Grandiose Infrastructure Venture Enterprises. In 2010, he took on the directorship of two companies Sanjivani Urja Power and Surya Chaitanya Power. On 1 November 2022, he became the director of Vishindas Holaram Private Limited, the base company for the Lakhi Group.

As An Investor

Dilipkumar Lakhi’s approach to investing focuses on less mainstream areas such as lubricants, steering clear of more common sectors like banking and automobiles. He prefers sectors with less competition and often bases his decisions on market reversals and contrary opinions. By the end of the June quarter in 2023, Dilip Kumar Lakhi owned more than 1% of 13 different shares. The total value of these shares was more than Rs 1334 crore. He owned 4.2% of the company, 14.03 lakh shares, NDL Ventures Limited by the end of the June quarter. These shares were worth about Rs. 18 crore. In the last 6 months, the value of NDL Ventures’ shares has gone up by 10%. It went from ₹116 to a higher price. NDL Ventures is part of the Hinduja Group. The company works in areas like media & communication and real estate. His significant investments include those in the Welspun Group and Religare Enterprises. Other companies in which Dilip Kumar holds shares include Avon More Capital, Hindustan Fluorocarbons, Unitech Limited, Sabu Sodium, GOCL Corporation, Diligent Media Corporation, Aaro Granite, TRF Limited, and Premier.

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An Extraordinary Donation to Ram Mandir

The Ram Mandir project was funded through donations from devoted followers. The construction of the Ram Mandir was a significant symbol of joint efforts and financial contributions from various sources, marking an important event in India’s cultural and religious history. During the temple’s inauguration in 2024, Dilip Kumar V Lakhi’s name made headlines among the key donors. The family significantly contributed 101 kg of gold to the Rama Mandir. It was reported that this gold would be used to decorate parts of the temple and to embellish various elements of the Ram Mandir, including doors, sanctum sanctorum, Trishul, Damaru, and pillars, enhancing the temple’s beauty. At that time, the gold price was around Rs. 68,000 rupees for every 10 grams, therefore; the donation from the Lakhi family amounted to a remarkable 68 crores. The donation by the Lakhi family was a major funding milestone for the Ram Mandir Trust. Other notable donations included 11.3 crores from Morari Bapu, a spiritual guru. Devotees of Ram in the United States, Canada, and Britain contributed 8 crores. Additionally, Govindbhai Dholakia, a diamond tycoon from Gujarat, generously donated 11 crores. The Mahavir Mandir in Patna is also a key donor in the global temple donation arena, contributing 10 crores to the Ram Mandir’s construction.

Other Donations

The Lakhi group has supported education in India by donating to foundations, building schools, and offering scholarships in rural areas. The group also made a magnificent contribution towards GIA’s Endowment for Education in India. The Lakhi Group has made a significant contribution towards the construction of St. Mira Brotherhood in Jaipur. Additionally, they have assisted cancer institutes in acquiring advanced medical equipment. Their donations also support NGOs in providing medicine to the less fortunate. The group has made contributions to various National Relief Funds, aiding in the rehabilitation of disaster victims. To support the Hindu faith, the group donated a golden throne, a gold entrance gate, and gold statues totalling over 180 kg to famous temples like Badrinath, Somnath, and Dwarka, as well as to the Jain Temple in Mahudi and the Bhagwan Mahavir statue in Pavapuri. The Lakhi family also gave about 40 kg of gold to the Somnath Temple in Gujarat. The group’s total gold contributions to this temple now amount to 109 kg.

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Awards, Honours, Achievements

  • In March 2016, Dilipkumar Lakhi received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 42nd India Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council Awards held in Jaipur.
  • For his significant contributions to the community, Dilipkumar was awarded “The Outstanding Citizens Award” by the Sindhi Chamber of Commerce in Chennai in 2001. Before this, he was recognized as a “Kohinoor” among other honours.

Net Worth

In December 2023, Dilipkumar Lakhi was publicly holding 12 stocks with a net worth of over Rs. 1,485.1 crore.


  • Dilipkumar Lakhi is a vegetarian.
  • He is a teetotaler and does not smoke. 
  • During an interview, he shared that among all the places he has visited, his favourite is Kobe, located near Osaka in Japan. He liked the town so much that he even considered moving there to live.
  • Dilipkumar made headlines for purchasing the Cadbury House, a famous landmark in South Mumbai. Originally acquired by Cadbury in 1981 and renovated in 2001, this iconic white, art deco building consists of two parts: a two-story office building and an eight-story residential block, which houses many of the company’s senior employees.

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