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Diipa Khosla is an Indian fashion and beauty influencer and founder of the cosmetic brand ‘Indē Wild.’


Diipa Büller Khosla was born in August 1991 (age 30 years; as of 2021) in Delhi, India. When she was six years old, her family shifted to Chennai, and later, they shifted to Ooty, Tamil Nadu. Initially, she did her schooling at a Hindi medium school in Chennai, and then she studied at Hebron School, Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

Diipa Khosla's childhood picture

Diipa Khosla’s childhood picture

Later, she got a scholarship to pursue her higher studies in Netherlands, Europe. In 2012, she completed her Bachelor of Laws in International Human Rights at the University College Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands. In 2015, she did Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Corporate Law at BPP Law School, London, UK. In April 2013, she started her internship as a legal intern at the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands. Later, she did an internship at the IMA Influencer Agency in Amsterdam.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 7″

Weight (approx.): 55 kg

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Brown

Diipa Khosla


Parents & Siblings

Her father, Virje Bahai Khosla, is president at the European Forum for Ayurveda & Yoga. Her mother’s name is Sangitha Khosla. Diipa’s sisters’ name is Nan Khosla, and her brother’s name is Geet Khosla.

Diipa Khosla with her parents

Diipa Khosla with her parents

Diipa Khosla with her mother

Diipa Khosla with her mother

Diipa Khosla and her siblings

Diipa Khosla and her siblings

Husband & Children

While she was studying at a university in Amsterdam, she met Oleg Büller for the first time. Oleg works as a diplomat for the dutch foreign services. In an interview, she talked about the incident. She said,

I arrived there the first day, and I was a few days late because I have an Indian passport so I had some visa issues. So pretty much all the new students had made their friend groups and everything. My parents dropped me off at the main reception, and the very first guy I saw is now my husband.”

Later, they connected through Facebook, and soon their friendship turned into love. After a few months of dating each other, Oleg proposed Diipa for marriage. During an interview, Diipa shared how Oleg proposed to her. She said,

He created a “Vogue India Christmas Dinner” themed event at Devigarh Palace in Udaipur. But when the day arrived, I discovered instead Oleg on the knee at the end of this beautiful courtyard in this Indian palace. I was happy to skip the dinner!”

In September 2018, the couple got married in a four-day-long wedding ceremony at the Fateh Garh Palace, Udaipur, Rajasthan. They followed both Punjabi and European wedding ceremonies. Diipa wore 9 different outfits for her wedding designed by ace Indian fashion designers Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Piny Michaeli.

Diipa Khosla's haldi ceremony outfit

Diipa Khosla’s haldi ceremony outfit

Diipa Khosla's mehndi ceremony outfit

Diipa Khosla’s mehndi ceremony outfit

Diipa Khosla’s Punjabi wedding outfit

Diipa Khosla’s Punjabi wedding outfit

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Diipa Khosla's European wedding

Diipa Khosla’s European wedding

In 2021, the couple was blessed with a baby girl named Dua Büller.

Diipa Khosla with her daughter

Diipa Khosla with her daughter


Diipa was born in a Punjabi family.


In February 2014, she started working as a social media manager at IMA, Amsterdam, Netherlands. In January 2015, she started working as a fashion influencer and launched her website DiipaKhosla.com. In an interview, while talking about her journey as a fashion influencer, she said,

It wasn’t easy. It was possible only with hard work and very clear goal-setting. This is something I want to tell all young people. Have your goals crystal clear. Be as clear as to think: ‘I want to be in Times Square!’ How it will happen and when it will happen can be figured out, but just be clear.”

In 2019, she founded the NGO ‘Post For Change’ to promote female rights. In an interview, she talked about her NGO. She said,

Now, I’m working on an initiative to help 250,000 rural women gain access to menstrual hygiene products. That’s the best part of what I do–I can make an impact on things that have affected me the most. Over the years, I’ve been on the cover of international magazines, won influencer awards, addressed British Lords on Women’s Day & been on billboards. But what truly matters, is the purpose this platform has given me. It’s allowed me to take all the hurt, all the experiences of my life & use it for good. It’s helped me build an armor that lets me fight for those who can’t.”

She further added,

I knew I wanted to help people, so I took up Human Rights Law. I got my degree & then got an internship with an influencer agency in Europe, where I found the world of social media. Initially, I got into fashion blogging. I felt self-conscious but pushed myself to step out of my comfort zone. My account grew over the next few years & I realised I had a voice that could reach thousands. So alongside, I started another page devoted to women empowerment; a cause close to my heart–I hoped to help women struggling with gender inequality & mental health issues.”

In 2021, she started her cosmetic line ‘Indē Wild’ in Amsterdam.

Favourite Things

  • Fashion Store(s): Dior, Longchamp, and H&M
  • Shoe Brand(s): Samsoe Samsoe, Reebok, and Filling Pieces
  • Lip Balm: By Terry rose balm
  • Liquid Highlighter: Becca
  • Sunscreen(s): Garnier and Neutrogena


  • While she was in school and college, she faced huge criticism for her dark skin tone. In an interview, while talking about facing racism and sexism, she said,

I have faced these issues my entire life. In 2016, I was rejected by a PR firm to attend a London Fashion Week show and another influencer, who was caucasian with fewer followers, was allowed. The only difference being our skintones! But I used the negativity as fuel to push myself harder. Every time I faced a sexism issue, I would think: one day I will be your CEO and then men will know what sexism is.”

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She further said,

But when I went to the West, I started to realise my uniqueness lay in being different and what makes me unique is my identity, my culture and my beautiful skin tone. I started owning it and wearing my Indianness like a gold medal and that gave me confidence. For instance, I stopped wondering how I would ever be in the front row at the Milan Fashion Week, and just went for the challenge. Soon I was not only sitting in the front row but also playing muse to the same design brand that at one time had issues with my colour.”

  • Her parents have supported her in every thick and thin of her life. In an interview, while talking about her parents, she said,

When my parents saw I was doing things bigger than myself, they were proud. At the TED Talk in Amritsar, they were in the audience and smiled when I spoke. Later, after taking selfies with young girls, when I asked my mother why she’d been smiling so much she said, ‘You know the little girl who was taking selfies with you? You were like that 10 years ago.’ And that is so true.”

  • She started her self titled YouTube channel in 2018 on which she has uploaded videos related to makeup and her wedding series.

  • In 2018, she became the first Indian to collaborate with MAC Cosmetics on a collection that is inspired by her wedding look.
  • In the same year, the famous cosmetic brand Maybelline displayed her picture on a billboard in Piccadilly Circus, as the face of Maybelline.
    Diipa Khosla's picture on a billboard in Piccadilly Circus

    Diipa Khosla’s picture on a billboard in Piccadilly Circus

  • In 2019, she received ‘The Changemaker Influencer’ award by one of the largest influencer platforms ‘Inflow.’
  • During an interview, she was asked how did she derive so much confidence? She replied,

It’s about being bold and daring to ask questions. When it comes to running a business, I don’t always know what I’m doing, but it’s all about owning it, taking risks and not being afraid of failure. It’s something you should work on from the inside out.”

  • Diipa has been featured on the cover of various renowned fashion magazines.
    Diipa Khosla featured on the cover of The Lifestyle Journalist

    Diipa Khosla featured on the cover of The Lifestyle Journalist

  • In an interview, she shared her top five brand/designer picks from India. She said,

Recognition must be given where it’s due. There are so many incredibly talented Indian designers and brands that I love; to name a few: Sabyasachi, Gaurav Gupta, Anamika Khanna, Raw Mango, and Amrapali Jewels.”

  • She has got three tattoos inked on her body. First is a tattoo of ‘Jai Sai Ram’ on her neck, second is a tattoo of a star on her right wrist, and third is a tattoo on her left arm.
    Diipa Khosla's tattoos

    Diipa Khosla’s tattoos

  • Diipa is often spotted drinking wine at parties and events.
    Diipa Khosla on a holiday with her husband

    Diipa Khosla on a holiday with her husband

  • Khosla and her husband have two pet dogs named Kubii and Bimbo.
    Diipa Khosla with her husband and pet dogs

    Diipa Khosla with her husband and pet dogs

  • In an interview, she talked about the beauty products she used daily. She said,
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I’m all about the natural, no make-up look, so I go with a tinted moisturiser or a light foundation—IT Cosmetics tinted moisturiser is a must-have in my bag. I like to wear some colour on my cheeks and eyes, its usually something from Nudestix. I also apply liquid highlighter on the cheeks and nose, a light coat of mascara, nude lipstick, and a brow definer. In terms of skincare, I use the Kiehl’s face wash followed by either the Embryolisse cream or a retinol cream. I usually wear my hair in curls, and Kérastase is my go-to for hair care.”

  • During an interview, she shared how she spent her time amid the coronavirus lockdown in 2020 and 2021. She said,

I am busier than ever before. Everyone is online! And I am working hard to give them amazing content. At the same time, I am also learning the truly important things in life. I’m currently doing a psychology course online along with meditation, fitness and cooking courses.”

  • During an interview, she shared how to accessorize while travelling. She said,

I love to play with accessories depending on the season and the country I am traveling to. A lot of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are essential for a great look. I adore bags and they reflect my daily mood plus I also love adding sunglasses and for the summertime cute hats. Another great way to play with accessories is to mix and match gold and silver jewelry which I absolutely love doing.”

  • Diipa has walked the red carpet at Cannes three times (as of 2021). In 2021, she grabbed the eyes of the media with her dress in which she added breast pumps. While talking about the same in one of her Instagram posts, she wrote,

Being a mother does NOT mean that you are now the target of everybody and anybody’s scrutiny. Whether it be opinions shared from family, friends, or strangers; the judgement is still unapologetic and burdensome on new or experienced mothers. This is just a reminder that online personalities are human as well, where life and feelings lay behind a screen.”

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