Declan Jones Death: Ex-Police Officer Killed Himself After Being Jailed For Attacking two People

Declan Jones Death has been a top topic of discussion; Jones was an ex-police officer who killed himself after being released from jail. 

Jones was the Police officer arrested for accusing two people, including a 15-year-old boy. He faced charges and was sentenced to six months. 

The incident happened in Covid’s first lockdown; he was on duty when he was found accusing two people. The news took the interest of thousands of people, and they further commented on the ex-police officer. 

People were shocked to hear the news of his Death; he died during the weekend when he was just released. Read further to learn more about Jones’s Death and its cause. 

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Declan Jones Death: Ex-Police Officer Killed Himself After Being Jailed For Attacking two People

Jones, who was arrested for attacking people, including a 15-year-old boy, took his life; he was found dead by his parents on Christmas time. 

Jones took his life at his Bromsgrove home in Patch Street; he was out of jail for some time. When he was going to start fresh, he took his life by hanging. 

His autopsy report came in June, which confirmed that he died hanging, no injuries existed, and he was not on drugs or using alcohol at the time of his Death. 

Police believed that no third person was involved in his Death; it was his decision, and he was going through a stressful time, which led him to do so. 

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Police officer caught on CCTV hitting and kicking a boy, 15, was found guilty. (Image Source: Metro UK)

Jones’s parents mentioned that he looked depressed when he came out from jail and were making close contact with him. 

It was mentioned that he was going through a tough time before getting arrested; the same day, he argued with his girlfriend, and they decided to go their separate way. 

So, his Death might be because he was dealing with different stressful things and couldn’t bear the pain. 

Coroner Ms. Murphy said: “Death was a deliberate act by the deceased. He had undergone several extremely stressful events in his life recently.”

She added, “The end of the relationship with a girlfriend he loved her much, a further incident with the Police, matters outstanding with the Independent Office for Police Conduct, and he’d recently served a custodial sentence having been a Police officer.”

Before going to prison, the ex-police officer had twice threatened to kill himself. His girlfriend mentioned he was not thinking with a cool mind, and he texted “would all be better off without him” to his girlfriend. 

His girlfriend mentioned he was time and again making conversation about having suicide and suicide thoughts before his Death. 

Declan Jones’s Net Worth Before Death 

Jones was just an ordinary Policeman; he never mentioned his earnings or net worth before his Death. But people are curious to learn about Jones’s net worth before his Death. 

Many online portals have mentioned different earnings and net worth, so there is unclear information. But without data and information, Jones’s net worth was $800,000.

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Police officer convicted of assaulting two people during lockdownPolice officer convicted of assaulting two people during the lockdown. (Image Source: Channel 4)

As per the sources, the salary of a Poice officer is around $42,500, which might sometime include a bonus, and it gets raised after three to five years. 

Additionally, Jones might have had other sources of income, like business and investments, which he never shared in public. 

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