David Linthicum Arrested For Shooting 2 Maryland Officers: Where Is He Now?

People want to know why was David Linthicum arrested. After reportedly shooting two officers and taking one of their cars, the suspect was apprehended.

Authorities reported that a suspect wanted in connection with the shooting of two Maryland police officers was in custody early on Friday. 

According to officials, he fled from the car he had stolen from a detective he had shot on Thursday night while being pursued by law enforcement.

At a news conference held at 1 am on Friday, Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said that after Police deployed spike strips to immobilize the stolen vehicle, federal, state, and local law enforcement authorities surrounded the suspect in a wooded area close to a Fallston shopping mall.

Gahler said, “We think he’s got at least one firearm.” “Handcuffing somebody is not as simple as walking up to him and doing it.”


Gahler’s office and Baltimore County police tweeted several hours later that the suspect had been caught. Why was David Linthicum arrested? Let’s dive deep to know more about it. 

David Linthicum Arrested For Shooting 2 Maryland Officers

The three-day manhunt, which spanned from Cockeysville’s suburbs to Harford County’s fields, claimed the life of a second Police officer, forced the closure of schools in two counties, and drove anxious families to remain inside and lock their doors, came to an end before dawn on Friday.

David Emory Linthicum, 24, was being held down by deputies from the Harford County Sheriff’s Office in a field close to Fallston Mall.

 Over his head, surveillance drones and helicopters were circling. Linthicum refused to submit despite the officers’ yelling orders.

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He made a joke about how much he enjoyed fireworks as several of the flash bangs went off, according to Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler.

David Linthicum arrested after allegedly shooting a second officer. (Source: New York Post)

Around 5:45 a.m., as dawn was breaking, cops stepped in and detained Linthicum. The sheriff claimed that although he resisted, nobody was wounded.

He was led off in handcuffs. Afterward, the sheriff informed reporters that “time was on our side.”

Residents in Cockeysville and Fallston, who had been told to stay inside while the alleged shooter was still at large, felt more comfortable after Linthicum’s arrest.

Where Is David Linthicum Now?

After the suspect ran, police retrieved a rifle and a handgun from the abandoned car, according to Gahler. Police were responding to a call for a person in crisis when the first shooting happened. 

A family member took Baltimore County officers to the individual in need after they were summoned to a home on Powers Avenue in Cockeysville on Wednesday afternoon, according to police.

Linthicum shot multiple times while the cops were interacting with him, hurting one of them, according to Police spokeswoman Joy Stewart. 

She claimed that the officers fired no shots throughout the encounter. After being taken to a hospital, the hurt cop was later released and reported to be in good spirits, according to officials.

David Linthicum ArrestedMan accused of shooting Maryland cops captured after a two-day manhunt. (Source: WIFR)

Police later identified Linthicum as the shooting suspect. Linthicum was taken into custody without a firearm, although officers discovered he had assault rifle ammo.

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After an eight-hour standoff, Linthicum was taken into custody unhurt. The second police officer he is accused of shooting is still being kept alive at Shock Trauma.

Official charges are being prepared against Linthicum. According to online court documents, Linthicum admitted guilt to drug possession with the intent to distribute in 2019 and was given a probationary term.

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