Dameyon Massey Leaked Video And Tape: Footage Viral In Twitter

People are curious to learn about Dameyon Massey Leaked Video. Online trolls are attacking North Carolina preacher Dameyon Massey for reportedly having a sexual encounter with an ex-congregant. 

Screenshots of the former sending improper texts to another man quickly became popular on social media. 

Although the leader expressed regret for his behavior, netizens persisted in harassing him online.

Dameyon Massey is the senior pastor at Divine Glory Kingdom Temple International Ministries, according to the Black Preaching Network. 

As an “Apostolic, Prophetic Preacher,” he identifies himself with Bishop T.D. Jakes, Pastor Rod Parsley, and Dr. Cindy Trim as his idol preachers.

Let’s get into the article to learn about Dameyon Massey leaked video and tape which is going viral online.

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Dameyon Massey Leaked Video And Tape: Footage Viral On Twitter

Following the revelation of the graphic video, Apostle Dameyon Massey posted a video statement pleading for “forgiveness.” Dameyon Massey Leaked Video has made a huge controversy.

After images and texts of Apostle Dameyon Massey with another man appeared online, he became the most recent well-known person to be at the heart of a scandal involving hacked videos. 

In a Facebook video, the pastor broke his silence and addressed the issue. The senior pastor of The Glory Nation Church of Atlanta in Georgia is Dameyon Massey.

According to rumors, Apostle Massey had a physical relationship with a male who was a former employee of The Remnant Church Outreach Ministries.

Dameyon Massey leaked video has become a huge controversy. (Source: EUF)

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The two allegedly used text messages to arrange private meet-ups. According to reported screenshots, the preacher allegedly said to Johnson, “I’ll be there in like 20 minutes, make sure that a** and d*** is ready.”

He said in the video, “I came on to be transparent. And the reason is straightforward: I made a mistake. These past few days have been really difficult, but I managed. In my life, I neglected to handle some issues. 

More Details On This Case

Bryant Johnson II has also claimed that Dameyon Massey and Roderick Jones are married, despite the fact that no formal marriage license has been located. 

Johnson also asserted that he and the preacher were “friends with benefits.” 

Despite his close friendship with Massey, Johnson felt excluded from the religious community, according to exchanges between them on Snapchat.

Dameyon Massey responded to the leaks by releasing a video apology in which he apologized for his errors. He confessed, “I screwed up. 

These past few days have been really difficult, but I managed. And the conflict didn’t just start. The battle has been a battle… I want to accept accountability. 

Massey also stated that he intended to “take off” his “title,” but it is unknown whether he actually intends to do so.

He might leave his senior post, although that is not certain. Messages of support pour in for Pastor Massey 

The apologetic video posted by Apostle Dameyon Massey has gained the backing of Facebook users, including those who do not personally know him.

One person wrote, “Praying for him because it not only affects him but the body of Christ as a whole.”

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Dameyon Massey Video leakedIn a moving video, APOSTLE DAMEYON MASSEY “takes responsibility” for the leaked tapes. (Source: Hollywood Unlocked)

Prayers for everyone involved, a second individual added. I haven’t seen the video and I don’t know you. Just sending goodwill and prayers.

Another commenter criticized the source of the tape, saying, “My thought is… how betrayed he must feel on top of the obvious…to be exploited like this by someone he personally trusted. 

The person who floated the tape is the one who truly lacks moral character; despicable. Despite the encouraging sentiments, some people think his video isn’t authentic.

“Whew Chile, it’s the crocodile tears for me,” said one of the participants.

William G. McCray III, a digital pioneer, chastised Massey for allegedly letting his date use a phone during their visit. On The North Carolina Beat, they stated, “You are setting up a trap.” 

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