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Christina Oiticica is a brazillian artist. She was born in Rio De Janeiro on 23rd November 1951.


Christina Oiticica is a Brazillian artist, who partners with nature to make art. She was born in Rio De Janeiro. She splits her time between the  Pyrenees mountain in south-western France and Rio de Janeiro. She uses an exotic neoconcretist technique, that allows elements of nature to act upon her artwork.  this partnership of hers with nature began accidentally but now she employs this technique to let nature add to her work and later she finishes it. The artist is married with no offspring. She and her writer husband have opened a charitable foundation. She has been active in philanthropy works like her husband.


Husband & Children

Christina Oiticica with husband Paulo Coelho

Christina Oiticica with husband Paulo Coelho

The artist married the famous author Paulo Coelho in 1980. Christina’s husband is often seen appreciating her for being a part of his journey, whilst he was trying to discover himself. The couple has no children of their own, though they have a niece that lives with them and works as an assistant as well.


She dated her now-husband Paulo Coelho for a long time before getting married to him. She hasn’t been married or engaged previously although it’s her husband’s fourth marriage.

Religion/Religious Views

She is a devout catholic.  She persuaded her husband, Paulo Coelho, to convert back to Christianity.


The painter is best known for the artworks she has created in partnership with nature. This partnership began accidentally when she was preparing large canvases for an exhibition. She and her husband had rented a room in a simple hotel at that time and the room wasn’t spacious enough for her to work so she went out and later when she came back to her work, the twigs, leaves had fallen over it, she liked the effect they brought to her work. She then just added finishing touches to the same. Now she does this on purpose and lets elements of nature act on her work. She leaves her works in forests, riverbeds, inside trees.

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When nature has acted upon her work she finishes it off. Talking of her first exhibition she says that it emerged, based on her impressions of her pilgrimage along Path to Santigo de Compostela in July 1990. She also said

 In mounting the show, at the Casa de España, in Rio de Janeiro, I tried to arrange the room in such a way that visitors not only observed the themes of the paintings, but also might experience a symbolic journey along the Holy Way”.

In another exhibition “Anjos” (Angels) in 1990, which was based on the most ancient archetypal forms of contact with divinity -the angle, she depicted the angles as depicted in the most regular popular way and her imagination eventually. She views her art as a journey. She feels art is liberating and multifaceted stating,

“I currently see art as a path for research, one of the roads leading to the discovery of truth and beauty. I also perceive that beauty is not only to be found in the fine brushstroke of the artist, it is present in the various languages that translate art. The installations that today fill my work, reveal in the symbol of the object as art, the beauty of feminine divinity in all its facets – sexuality, fecundity, maternity and life”.

The artist’s work has been exhibited in more than 60 galleries in about 20 countries.

Christina Oiticica working on her art

Christina Oiticica working on her art


Christina Oiticica's work

Christina Oiticica’s work

Spiritual Paths

She undertook a spiritual journey because she wanted her artwork to return to its source of spirituality.

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Spiritual path 1

The spiritual path undertaken by Christina Oiticica


  • Christina and Paulo Coelho have similar butterfly tattoos designed by the former to symbolise wedding rings.

Christina Oticcia and Paulo Coelho in matching tattoos designed by her

Christina Oticica and Paulo Coelho in matching tattoos designed by her.

  • The ecoartist mostly keeps her canvases planted for a period of nine months (cycle of pregnancy) or for a year (cycle of four seasons)

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