Brandon Burlsworth Accident, Who Was At Fault? Biography And Family

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Brandon grew up in Harrison, Arkansas. Although he was a talented high school football player, he received no scholarship offers from big universities.

However, Burlsworth badly wanted to play for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks.

So in 1994, he joined the Razorbacks football team as a volunteer walk-on player.

At first, the 300-pound Burlsworth was overweight for his position. But he transformed his body over the next two years, losing weight and building muscle.

By 1996, as a sophomore, Burlsworth had earned a full scholarship and a starting spot on the offensive line due to his dedication and hard work.

Over the next three seasons, the 6-foot-6 Burlsworth developed into an All-American player through continued discipline and preparation.

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Brandon Burlsworth Accident: Who Was At Fault?

Brandon died in an automobile accident on April 28, 1999. This was just 11 days after he was drafted into the NFL.

The accident happened near Alpena, Arkansas. He was driving back to his hometown of Harrison.

He had just worked out in Fayetteville. His vehicle hit an 18-wheeler truck. His car then swerved back into the lane.

Then it hit another tractor-trailer head-on.

Brandon passed away at the age of 22 (Source: Fox Sports)

The part of the road where the crash happened was not very dangerous.

The accident report said Burlsworth’s vehicle crossed the center line for unknown reasons.

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First, his car sideswiped one truck. Then it crossed back over and hit the other truck straight on. Burlsworth died at the scene.

As of now, the authorities haven’t disclosed who was responsible for the accident.

They buried Brandon Burlsworth on May 2, 1999. The burial was at Gass Cemetery.

That cemetery is in Omaha, Arkansas. Burlsworth was only twenty-two years old when he died. His death was devastating. His death at a young age was unexpected.

Brandon Burlsworth Biography 

Burlsworth played football for the Arkansas Razorbacks. He played offensive lineman from 1995 to 1998.

At first, he joined the Razorbacks as a walk-on player. Later, he got an athletic scholarship.

He became an All-American player. He wore thick black glasses. People said he looked like the comedian Drew Carey.

Brandon Burlsworth accident The image shows the family picture of Brandon Burlsworth (Source: The Players Tribune)

People expected great things from his talent. But he died young, in an accident.

After Burlsworth died, the football world honored him. They celebrated his life and accomplishments.

His family and friends started a foundation in his name. It is called the Brandon Burlsworth Foundation. It supports kids with few opportunities.

Also, it represents Brandon’s work ethic and values. The University of Arkansas retired his #77 jersey. That honored his memory after his death.

Brandon Burlsworth Family

Brandon’s brother, Marty, was 16 years older than him. Marty was like a father to Brandon growing up.

He was Brandon’s biggest fan. Eventually, he became Brandon’s agent for the NFL draft.

Marty said Brandon was dedicated in high school. He developed a strong work ethic.

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Not much is known about Brandon’s other family. But his sudden death was very hard on them. It sent his whole family into grief.

Marty Burlsworth and Grady Burlsworth, Brandon’s siblings, entered a state of grief as soon as Brandon’s accident occurred.

Currently, there is limited information available about the remaining family of Brandon and their current whereabouts. 

Following Brandon’s unexpected death, numerous fans and athletes expressed sincere condolences and sympathized with the Burlsworth family.

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