Bjork Stalker Suicide Tape, Who Was He? Real Name

Bjork Stalker was a lonely and insecure person who became obsessed with the singer Björk in 1993.

Also, he was especially angry that she had briefly dated a black musician. Over nine months in 1996, López made video diaries at his Florida apartment about Björk and other topics.

On September 12, 1996, he sent a dangerous package, a letter bomb with sulfuric acid, to Björk’s house in London.

Afterwards, he went back home, filmed a video to explain his actions, and tragically ended his own life while recording it.

Police found his body and videos four days later. They notified London police, who found the bomb and safely detonated it before it could harm Björk.

In essence, López was a mentally unstable stalker who became fixated on Björk and eventually tried to kill her by mailing a letter bomb before taking his own life. Björk escaped unharmed.

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Bjork Stalker Suicide Tape, Who Was He?

On September 12, 1996, Ricardo López began recording what would be his final video diary.

In it, he nervously goes to the post office to send a letter bomb to Björk, expressing his fear of being caught and stating he’d rather end his life than face arrest.

Returning home, López appears nude as he shaves his head and eyebrows, paints his face, and stares at himself in the mirror.

He declares his certainty in his actions, then shoots himself in the mouth, falling out of view as blood spills on the floor.

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Bjork Stalker suicide tape Ricardo left behind 18 hours of video diaries depicting his descent into madness (Source: YouTube)

Four days later, police entered López’s apartment due to a foul smell and discovered his decomposing body with a note on the wall implicating his videos as evidence for the FBI.

After watching the final tape, police alerted Scotland Yard to intercept the bomb. It was safely detonated, sparing Björk, whose mail was screened.

Unbeknownst to López, Björk had recently ended her relationship with Goldie, triggering his fatal obsession.

Bjork Stalker Real Name 

Ricardo López, also known as “the Bjork Stalker,” was born in Uruguay in 1975 and later moved with his family to Georgia, where he worked as an exterminator.

Growing up, he had a close-knit family and was generally laid-back but shy.

Despite having male friends, he struggled to connect with women and expressed his insecurities in a diary, particularly around social situations. López also had Klinefelter syndrome.

Dreaming of becoming a famous artist, López left high school, but his lack of confidence held him back from pursuing this goal seriously.

Instead, he occasionally worked for his brother’s pest control business to make ends meet.

Bjork Stalker suicide tape Björk Stalker, Ricardo López fatally shot himself in his apartment. (Source: YouTube)

By the time he was 17, López had become increasingly withdrawn, finding solace in fantasies and developing an intense fascination with celebrities.

After Ricardo’s ***** on September 18th, Björk addressed the media outside her London home, expressing her deep distress over the incident, which she characterized as “terrible” and “very sad.”

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She urged people not to overly scrutinize her personal life or take her words too literally. Additionally, she sent flowers and a card to López’s family.

Following this, Björk traveled to Spain to work on her next album, seeking distance from media attention.

She also arranged for security for her son Sindri, ensuring his safety on his way to school.

A year later, in an interview, Björk shared her ongoing upset over the loss of life, revealing that she struggled to sleep for a week after the event.

She admitted to feeling frightened, particularly for herself and her son, acknowledging the potential danger they faced.

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