Bethany Russell Hubbard Missing Update 2023: Is He Found Yet?

Russell Hubbard missing case has a new update, and if you want to know more about this topic, read this article till the end.

Russell Hubbard is a 10-year-old boy whose name has been making rounds on the web for the past few days.

Everyone got curious about the boy’s news as he was reported missing.

Many people on multiple social media handles started sharing the news of Russell’s missing as the family wanted help from everyone to find their child.

Likewise, the missing case was reported to the Bethany Police Department, and they worked hard to help the family.

The case has a new update, and everything has been covered in today’s article.

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Bethany Russell Hubbard Missing Update

Russell Hubbard was reported missing, and recently, a new update has been given by the Bethany Police Department saying that the missing boy was found safe.

Police gave a report saying that Russell was found and he returned to his home safe.

KOCO also reported the news, but they have removed the child’s name and photo as he was located.

Some people on Facebook are also posting the update. Everyone is now in relief as the missing news of Hubbard left his close ones worried.

Russell Hubbard has a new update from the Bethany Police Department that the missing boy was found safe. ( Source: Twitter )

People on social media also helped the family and police department by sharing the news on multiple social media platforms. 

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The Bethany Police Department didn’t give much info about Hubbard’s location, possibly due to privacy reasons. It is known that the boy is safe, and he has already returned to his home.

Russell Hubbard Missing Report Explained

Russell Hubbard came into the media prominence after his family reported that he had gone missing.

Bethany Police said that Hubbard started walking home from Western Oaks Elementary School at 3:30 p.m. Thursday but didn’t arrive.

His parents called the police at 4:30 and were out looking for him. After that, the police shared the news, and others began posting the report to help the family.

Russell Hubbard Missing ReportRussell Hubbard went missing, and the recent update has left everyone happy as the boy is safe. ( Source: Facebook )

It has been noted that Hubbard went missing at the Bethany, OK. However, the case has already ended, as the missing child has been found safe.

On the other hand, people still ask multiple questions about the boy. So, more details about Hubbard have been shared below.

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Short Details About Russell Hubbard

Russell Hubbard is said to be ten years old, and his name came into the media after his family reported to police after his disappearance on Thursday.

His name is Russel, but some sources have mentioned him as Russell, confusing some people.

Besides that, when Hubbard was reported missing, he was said to be wearing a teal blue shirt, navy shorts and a dark blue backpack.

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Russell HubbardRussell Hubbard is a 10-year-old boy who went missing on Thursday. ( Source: KOCO )

The news was also shared on Twitter by Crime Soup Podcast.

They wrote, “Bethany Police need help to find 10-year-old Russel Hubbard. They say he started walking home from Western Oaks Elementary School at 3:30 pm today but has not arrived.”

As the missing boy is safe, the case has ended, and Hubbard must be with his family now. 

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