Allison Holthoff Death Cause And Obituary: Gunter Holthoff Wife Died In Nova Scotia Hospital?

Allison Holthoff Death Cause has been trending in social media and news outlets as the woman’s husband spent hours waiting for help after she passed away.

The 37-year-old woman’s husband spent hours waiting for help after she passed away at a Nova Scotia hospital treatment is telling his tale as provincial M.P.s press the administration for answers.

Allison Holthoff died on New Year’s Eve after being rushed to the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre’s crowded emergency room in Amherst, N.S., roughly 140 kilometers north of Halifax.

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The Holthoff family had a nightmare after visiting the emergency department at the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre.

They waited hours to see a doctor at Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre. Holtholf said the healthcare system failed his wife, and he doesn’t want her death to be in vain.

Allison Holthoff Death Cause: What Happened In The Hospital? Autopsy Explored

The pair was transported to a bed with no medical equipment. At 3 pm, Holthoff stated that he had to assist Allison in using a bedpan and that he cleaned up with paper towels from a roll on the wall.

Allison informed her husband that she felt like she was dying as time passed. He went up to the nurses a couple more times.

Allison Holthoff husband is looking for answers from the provincial health system. (source : saltwire)

“I warned the nurses and the person at the front desk several times, ‘It’s getting worse,’ and nothing changed,” he explained. “So the security guys eventually brought out a couple of blankets and a cup of water, which I used to put some ice on her lips.”

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Allison’s blood pressure was shallow, so a nurse came in and rechecked it. According to Holthoff, this was when things began to shift, and the need for care became more pressing.

They hadn’t gotten any test results when they eventually consulted a doctor. Holthoff claimed he watched as the staff prepared Allison for an X-ray and her situation worsened. 

She was in so much pain she couldn’t breathe. He attempted to console her, assuring her that the doctors would figure out what was causing her suffering.

“Then [her] eyes rolled back in her head, and her chest began to rise. Something began to beep, “He stated. “The next thing you hear is ‘code blue, code blue in X-ray,’ over the P.A.”

Holthoff claims he has been in the dark since that day. Allison’s autopsy findings are yet to be disclosed, and he hasn’t heard from anybody in government, save his local MLA, in at least a week.

Allison Holthoff Obituary: Did Gunter Holthoff Wife Died In Nova Scotia Hospital?

Gunter Holthoff of Tidnish, N.S., said his wife Allison became ill on December 31 but assumed it was simply an upset stomach.

Holthoff took his wife to the nearest medical hospital in Amherst, N.S., at 11 am, as the situation worsened throughout the morning.

Allison HolthoffAllison Holthoff And Gunter Holthoff (Source: The Star)

According to Holthoff, he carried Allison into the hospital on his back. “She was visibly in agony,” he told CBC News on Sunday. “I was pushing her in the wheelchair, and she was struggling to sit up.”

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As Allison’s discomfort grew, the duo spent more than six hours in the emergency department waiting for the area and then in a room within the unit.

Holthoff stated that they did not see a doctor until after 6 pm, and Allison did not receive any treatment.

Holthoff reported that the nurses requested a urine sample when they were triaged. He couldn’t support Allison alone as he escorted her to the restroom, and she collapsed on the floor.

“I couldn’t raise her on my own, so I walked outside and asked for help,” Holthoff explained. She needed the assistance of two security officers.

When Holthoff returned Allison to the waiting area, he stated that she could no longer sit in the wheelchair given by the hospital due to her agony. Thus she ended up resting on the floor.

Where Is Gunter Holthoff Now? Details To Know

Following his wife’s death, Holthoff asked his local MLA, Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin, for assistance.

Smith-McCrossin issued an open letter to provincial Health Minister Michelle Thompson on January 6, requesting an “immediate probe” into the matter. The letter stated that a meeting request made earlier in the week had been declined.

“The government doesn’t seem to care,” Holthoff remarked. “I’m not sure what needs to happen… or how many more people must perish. It’s just a pity.”

CBC News spoke with Nova Scotia Health about the number of fatalities in emergency rooms in 2022, but the department declined to comment. Smith-McCrossin said she would continue pressuring for a meeting with the health minister.

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“That’s why we’re asking for an inquiry so the family can get those answers,” she explained. “They’ve heard nothing from anyone in government, and the difficulty is that not hearing anything is becoming very unpleasant.”

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