Aidan Kearney Arrested: What Did Turtleboy Do? Witness Tampering And Legal Case

Why was Aidan Kearney arrested? Mr. Kearney had remained anonymous, but it seems that his desire to profit handsomely from today’s rewards for rudeness and insensitivity got the better of him.

However, he is the registered and sole proprietor of Turtleboy Digital Marketing, a domestic limited partnership characterized as a “blogging website that will raise revenue through selling AD space and possibly merchandise.” 

Mr. Kearney continues to claim that Turtleboy is a number of distinct bloggers. 

The blog is legally and morally Mr. Kearney’s property because it is registered to his Worcester business address, regardless of how he tries to separate himself from it.

It’s less that the blog labels some Worcester parents and their kids as barbarians. Recently Aidan Kearney Arrested news has become viral online, and people are curious to know the reason behind it; let’s dive deeper to know more.

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Aidan Kearney Arrested: What Did Turtleboy Do?

Aidan Timothy Kearney, who is well-known for his divisive and aggressive “Turtleboy” blog, was detained after being arrested on several counts.

He is charged with at least one conspiracy offense and six charges of intimidating a witness, a jury, a police officer, or a court employee, according to Stoughton District Court records. 

Confrontational Massachusetts ‘Turtleboy’ blogger aka Aidan Kearney arrested on multiple counts. (Source: WCVB)

Kearney is currently being held by Massachusetts State Police, according to the court clerk.

Further information regarding the charges was not immediately available. Normally, paperwork is made available following an arraignment.

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Kearney has written a lot on her blog lately about the murder case involving Karen Read, who is accused of running over Boston police officer John O’Keefe on January 29, 2022, after a night of drinking. 

Witness Tampering And Legal Case 

As of Tuesday, Kearney has published 179 pieces stating that the state police who were looking into O’Keefe’s killing had covered up the probe. The prosecution has categorically disputed it.

The weather will be pleasant through Friday, and showers are predicted this weekend. Kearney has spoken at the escalating outside rallies in support of Read while sitting in the courtroom for numerous recent hearings.

Kearney has promoted other causes on his websites, writing frequently in his trademark caustic style about former U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts and Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins, longtime community activist Monica Cannon-Grant, and others. 

He has also gathered information on less well-known figures for alleged wrongdoing, typically through social media.


His current website identifies him as a “teacher turned blogger who battles big tech censorship, threats, and political correctness to protect free speech and democracy.”

Kearney unsuccessfully sought election to the Wachusett Regional School Committee in 2021. He ran on a number of issues, including educating based on race and repealing mask regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Michael Morrissey, the Norfolk district attorney whose office is prosecuting Read, made an unprecedented video statement in August denouncing the spread of fabricated stories and the intimidation of key witnesses.

Morrissey remarked, “We trial individuals in the court and not on the internet for a reason. “There are no proof rules on the internet. Perjury is not penalized on the internet. Not all of the information is available online.

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The prosecution asked the judge presiding over Read’s case to limit the statements made by her defense team, but the judge declined. 

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