Adil Charkaoui Death News: Is He Dead Or Alive?

Adil Charkaoui death rumor is all over the internet, and people are curious to learn whether the news is true or not. A Canadian citizen born in Morocco was detained in May 2003 due to a security warrant.

Evidence that he had received training at an anti-Soviet Jihadist camp in Afghanistan was provided before the certificate could be issued. 

Additionally, the court did not agree with his justifications for his six-month journey to Pakistan in 1990. In addition to the submissions, there was proof that he practiced karate. 

According to testimony provided by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), he would also “have been trained in such areas as operating rocket-propelled grenade-launchers, sabotage, urban and assassination.” 

Additionally, CSIS claimed that Charkaoui was a sleeper agent and noted, “[i]t was noteworthy that one of those who participated in the hijacking of had taken martial arts training in preparation.”

He was detained as a result of the two responsible government ministers issuing the security certificate, and the Federal Court later upheld the certificate after reviewing the facts.

Be with us till the end to learn more about Adil Charkaoui Death rumor and other details regarding this news.

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Adil Charkaoui Death News: Is He Dead Or Alive? 

As per our research, Adil Charkaoui death News is not true, and this is just a rumor maybe for views or something else. 

Although Adil has not yet passed away, the news of his passing has started making the rounds online. He is still alive and healthy the details regarding his release have not been made public yet. 

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People assumed he was no longer with us because some pages might have falsely reported that he died. People were worried about his health since they noticed viral news on the internet.

Adil Charkaoui Death news is not verified by any reliable source. (Source: Global News)

Globally, people are worried about his health as a result of the reports concerning him. People want to know where he is and what he is doing. Various speculations regarding his death have people worried.

In the wake of 9/11, Charkaoui was initially contacted by the CSIS while he was managing a pizzeria in Montreal from 2001 to 2003. 

He steadfastly declined to explain his location or justification for visiting Pakistan. Charkaoui allegedly contributed resources and money to an Islamic rebel group, according to Moroccan police.

In May 2003, Charkaoui was detained based on a security certificate that Immigration Minister Denis Coderre and Solicitor General Wayne Easter had co-signed. 

He was held in the Rivière des Prairies Detention Center without being charged or facing a trial. In order to uphold his rights, the Coalition Justice for Adil Charkaoui was established, and the Coalition started a campaign to secure his release.

Early Life Of Adil Charkaoui

Charkaoui, born in 1973 in Morocco, moved to Montreal, Quebec in 1995 with his sister and parents. He became a citizen of Canada in July 2014.

Charkaoui, an Arabic language instructor who holds an MA from the University of Montréal, now refers to himself as a sheik and an imam.

 He is a talented backwoodsman, a combat sports group leader, and a married father of three kids. He also serves as the Center communautaire islamique Assahaba’s director. 

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Charkaoui founded the Quebec Collective Against Islamophobia in 2013 and currently serves as its president. Charkaoui hung out with hard-line Montreal Muslims in Bosnia, Afghanistan, the Sudan, and other violent places in the late 1990s.

Adil Charkaoui rumorHe is arrested for illegal assault. (Source: CBC)

He traveled to Pakistan in 1998 to study religion in preparation for a book he intended to write. 

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) asserts that despite his denials, Zubeir Al-Magrebi attended the Khalden training camp in Afghanistan. 

Friends said he knew Raouf Hannachi well enough that they would “shake hands when they crossed paths”. In a later statement, the government said that he had failed to account for “a period of his life, from 1992 to the end of that decade”.

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