Who Is Laura Ann Carleton Brother? Family

Who is Laura Ann Carleton brother? In the wake of Carleton’s unfortunate passing, her sibling has garnered attention as a topic of focus.

At the age of 66, Lauri Carleton was a prominent businesswoman residing in Cedar Glen.

Her educational background included the pursuit of fashion studies at the Art Center College of Design, a private institution for the arts located in Pasadena, California.

Following her academic endeavors, she dedicated a span of 15 years to holding an executive position at Kenneth Cole, a notable brand in the fashion industry.

Beyond her profession, her life was characterized by both her successful career and her significant role within her extensive family.

Tragically, on August 18, 2023, Laura Ann “Lauri” Carleton became the victim of a homicide.

Subsequently, there has been a growing curiosity about the backgrounds of her family members.

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Who Is Laura Ann Carleton Brother? Family 

As of the latest reports available, there have been no indications pointing to the existence of a brother for Laura Ann Carleton.

Nonetheless, Lauri was a mother to a total of nine children. During a phone interview, one of her daughters conveyed her feelings to The New York Times.

She hoped the world would remember Laura’s essence and that she passed away in a place she cherished, where she consistently stood up for something vital to her.

Laura Ann Carleton left behind her husband and nine children (Source: Los Angeles Time)

The abrupt and sorrowful passing of Laura has profoundly shaken her entire family.

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While information regarding her parents and siblings remains undisclosed, their emotional devastation is undoubtedly profound.

Had she had a brother, his sorrow from losing her so suddenly and painfully would likely have been immense, like the weight of the sky crashing down on him.

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Clothing Store Owner: Laura Ann Carleton Death

On August 18, 2023, Laura Ann Carleton was tragically murdered, possibly due to her displaying a pride flag outside her clothing store, Mag. Pi, in Cedar Glen, California.

Reports from law enforcement suggest that the suspected attacker named, Travis Ikeguchi had made hurtful comments about the rainbow flag before shooting her.

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department mentioned that the suspect had criticized the pride flag hanging outside Carleton’s store.

After a confrontation, Carleton was shot and later pronounced dead by the police at the scene. The authorities were alerted about the suspect’s presence nearby.

Upon locating Ikeguchi, who was armed, there was a confrontation with the police, and he died at the scene.

Director Paul Feig connected Carleton’s tragic death to a concerning increase in anti-LGBT sentiment through a tweet.

Laura Ann Carleton BrotherLaura Ann, the store owner was killed for hanging a pride flag outside her shop (Source: Yahoo)

According to him, what happened to Lauri is an absolute tragedy and people must ponder again if they think anti-gay and trans rhetoric people are not dangerous.

Likewise, actress Bridget Everett also expressed similar feelings on this case on her Instagram saying that all that anti-LGBTQ rhetoric has a price.

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“And now, Lauri’s husband, her daughters, friends, and community are devastated. And for what?”

San Bernardino County Supervisor Dawn Rowe released a statement expressing sadness about the “senseless act of hate and violence.”

Furthermore, she emphasized the importance of a discrimination-free life and the exercise of constitutional rights for everyone.

Additionally, Gavin Newsom, the California Governor condemned this incident also mentioning that Lauri left behind her husband and nine children.

As per him, the incident is absolutely horrific given that a shop owner was shot and killed by a man after he criticized the pride flag hanging outside her business.

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