Who Are Scarlett Jenkinson Parents Emma And Brian? Family Explored

Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe were both 15 years old when they lured their fellow schoolmate Brianna Ghey to Culcheth’s Linear Park in Warrington.

In a brutal and prolonged attack, they stabbed her 28 times with a hunting knife.

The trial at Manchester Crown Court referred to them as Girl X and Boy Y to protect their identities due to their age.

However, after being found guilty of murder, the judge, Mrs. Justice Yip, decided it was in the strong public interest to reveal their names.

On February 2, they lost their anonymity and were sentenced to life in prison, with Jenkinson serving a minimum of 22 years and Ratcliffe serving a minimum of 20 years.

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Who Are Scarlett Jenkinson Parents Emma And Brian? 

Scarlett Jenkinson’s family went through a big shock when their daughter got involved in a violent crime, turning their normal life upside down.

Also, Scarlett’s parents, Emma Sutton and Brian Jenkinson, likely her mom and dad, are now in the spotlight as their daughter deals with the results of a really bad thing she did.

In the wake of Scarlett’s involvement in Brianna Ghey’s murder, Brian and Emma’s roles as parents are now under intense examination, shattering the illusion of a normal family life.

As a result of Scarlett’s involvement in criminal activity, her family is under public scrutiny (Source: World Cinema Paradise)

The family’s official statement shows they feel really sorry about what Scarlett did, and they recognise how terribly it affected Brianna Ghey’s family.

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Moreover, the past year has been incredibly tough for them, dealing with the harsh truth that Scarlett played a part in a brutal murder.

The family is clearly having a hard time coping with the chaos caused by their daughter’s actions, and their statement highlights their effort to honour Brianna’s family’s wishes.

Furthermore, this emphasises their understanding of how serious the situation is and the importance of being considerate in the aftermath of such a tragic event.

Scarlett Jenkinson Family Explored

There is limited information available about Scarlett Jenkinson’s family background from the authorities.

Additionally, details about Scarlett’s parents, Emma and Brian, including their professions, remain scarce.

The authorities have not provided extensive information regarding these aspects of Scarlett’s personal life.

Jenkinson’s family expressed their agreement with the jury’s verdict, the judge’s sentence, and the decision to reveal the culprits.

They conveyed deep regret for Scarlett’s terrible crimes. Scarlett, along with her accomplice Eddie Ratcliffe, was given a life sentence for the murder of a 16-year-old in a Warrington park in February 2023, when both were 15.

Scarlett Jenkinson parents Brianna was discovered with stab wounds in Culcheth Linear Park, located near Warrington, on Saturday, February 11, 2023 (Source: itv News)

The family acknowledged that their lives are in turmoil, but their immediate focus is to respect Brianna’s family’s wishes.

In their statement, they extended sincere thanks to Brianna Ghey’s mother, Esther Ghey, for her remarkable selflessness and empathy towards their family.

They expressed gratitude for her overwhelming compassion and stated that they are forever grateful.

Furthermore, the family also offered a heartfelt apology to Brianna’s family, friends, their community, and everyone else affected by this tragedy.

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Scarlett Jenkinson’s family is dealing with the legal aftermath and public attention.

In their public statement, they express the difficulties of parenting, the struggle to comprehend their child’s actions, and the deep sadness over the loss of a life.

All these emotions and challenges come together in their statement to the public.

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