Where Is Deirdre Bolton Going After Leaving ABC News? Salary And Net Worth

Viewers are wondering where Deirdre Bolton is going after leaving Fox Business Network.

The stunning and multi-talented television personality Deirdre Bolton is probably already familiar to you if you are knowledgeable about Fox Network Channel. She is a well-known American Journalist, newscaster for television, and the host of the hit Risk & Reward show, which airs on Fox Business Network.

This outstanding television host is renowned for her sharp presentations, knowledge of the financial world, and other connections. Before pursuing a career in journalism, Deirdre first held a position as a bank clerk. She has had a significant impact on journalism since she started her career in 1999, making her a first-rate Journalist.

In 2014, the accomplished Journalist joined the Fox Network Channel after leaving Bloomberg and CBS Networks. While working at Fox, she started her business show, Risk & Reward. Fox Business continues to air the program, which has grown very popular.

Where Is Deirdre Bolton Going?

Deirdre Bolton, a Fox Business Network anchor for the previous few years, switched to ABC News in 2020 as a business correspondent based in New York.

According to ABC News President James Goldston, Deirdre is skilled at converting complex financial concepts into clear ideas and details. He continued by saying that she had covered some of the most significant stories of the previous 20 years, such as the summit between North Korea and the United States in 2018 and the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015.

Deirdre Bolton Jumps to ABC News From Fox Business Network. (Source: Twitter)

She provided clear explanations of the global financial crisis and how the audience could get much-needed assistance daily during the 2007–2008 financial crisis.

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Before joining Fox Business Network, Bolton worked as a CBS News contributor and a Bloomberg TV anchor. She began her employment with Fox Business as a full-time business correspondent while hosting an early afternoon program called “Risk and Reward With Deirdre Bolton.”

Deirdre Bolton’s Salary: How Much Does She Earn?

Deirdre Bolton’s estimated annual salary ranges from $24 292 to $72,507.

This equates to an hourly wage that ranges from $10,15 to $31,32. This is the estimated national median pay for journalists. The level of the team member, however, may significantly affect these numbers. In contrast to other Fox network journalists, Bolton makes such a high salary from her work in the media. 

Deirdre Bolton abcDeirdre Bolton in ABC news. (Source: Twitter)

In 1999, she started her journalism career as a financial reporter for Bloomberg Network. Bolton’s presence was crowned by her range of talents and endearing character, which made her the face of Bloomberg Network at the time.

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She was spotted in all of the major cities, including, but not limited to, New York, the UK, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis. She reported for CBS Network in addition to Bloomberg.

Deirdre Bolton Net Worth In 2023 Explored

According to allfamousbirthday.com, Deirdre Bolton’s net worth is estimated to be $5 Million. She currently has a comfortable lifestyle thanks to her enormous net worth.

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Since beginning her career as a Journalist, Bolton has covered several financial reports and stories by leading experts, including David Rubenstein, co-founder of the Carlyle Group, and Christina Romer, Chief Economist for President Barack Obama and Strategic Advisor for PIMCO. 

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She also spoke with financial journalists like Wilbur Ross, one of the wealthiest investors, Bill Ackman, CEO of Pershing Square Capital, and Gary Parr, chairman of Lazard.

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