Turkey Earthquake: 10 Days Old Baby Yagiz Ula And Mother Found Alive Afer 90 Hours

Yagiz Ula, a newborn baby, was rescued from a collapsed building that resulted from the Turkey earthquake.

The quake, which struck on Monday morning and was the deadliest to hit the area since 1999, destroyed thousands of buildings, including many tower blocks and hospitals, and left thousands of people injured or homeless in Turkish and Syrian cities.

Following the terrible earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria, a baby was born beneath the ruins of her home. Her umbilical cord was still attached when rescuers pulled the miraculous baby from the debris.

Despite international assistance, the death toll is likely to rise further as rescue efforts are being hampered by freezing weather and numerous aftershocks.

Yagiz Ula: 10 Days Old Found Alive After 90 Hours 

Yagiz Ula, a baby found in Syria under the wreckage of collapsed buildings lost its mother shortly after birth.

The infant’s mother is thought to have given birth as the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck on Monday morning. The baby, covered in dust, was seen on camera being hurried to safety, and she is currently receiving medical care in a hospital.


When she was rescued, the baby was still connected to her mother by her umbilical cord. (Source: BBC)

Online videos show rescuers hoisting a baby choking on dust to safety as they scale the mounting rubble of structures destroyed by a devastating earthquake.

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As overburdened emergency personnel labored through subfreezing temperatures, relentless rain, and power outages, the baby’s miraculous recovery was one of the thousands of rescues across Syria and Turkey.

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Did The Baby’s Family Survive?

Locals in the small town of Jindires in northern Syria claim that neither the girl’s parents nor her four siblings are considered to have survived.

Social media was flooded with videos of the baby’s rescue. A man carrying a dust-covered baby was seen on camera walking backwards from the rubble of a collapsed building. She was pulled to safety by a distant relative, Khalil al-Suwadi, who also brought the infant to Dr. Marouf in the Syrian city.

So far, the earthquake has claimed the lives of at least 6,300 people and is thought to have reduced about a quarter of the town to rubble.

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Around 13.5 million people, according to Turkish authorities, were impacted in a region that stretched for about 300 km from Malatya in the north to Hatay in the south to 450 km from Adana in the west to Diyarbakir in the east.

Has Yagiz Ula Been Adopted Yet?

Following Monday’s earthquake in northwest Syria, thousands of people have expressed interest in adopting a baby girl born there.

Right now, Aya is in a hospital. Her pediatrician, Hani Marouf, reported that she arrived on Monday in such a terrible condition, with bumps and bruises and being cold and barely breathing.

128581804 jinderisdoctorFor now, Dr Attiah’s wife is breastfeeding the baby alongside their own daughter. (Source: BBC)

On social media, thousands of people have requested information about adopting her. Khalid Attiah, the hospital manager, claims to have fielded dozens of calls from people seeking to adopt baby Aya from all over the world.

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According to Dr. Attiah, who has a daughter who is only four months her senior, she will not be adopted at this time. He treats her as his own until her distant family members return.

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