Toto Cutugno Illness And Health Issue: Death Cause And Obituary

People are curious to know about Toto Cutugno illness and health issues. Italian pop singer-songwriter Salvatore “Toto” Cutugno was a musician. 

He gained worldwide fame for the song “L’Italiano,” which was featured on his eponymous album published in 1983. 

With the song “Insieme: 1992,” for which he also composed the lyrics and music, Cutugno also triumphed at the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest in Zagreb, Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia.

With the song “Volo AZ 504”, Albatros placed third at the Sanremo Music Festival in 1976, their first year of participation. 

After the song “Santamaria de Portugal” achieved another chart success, Cutugno departed Albatros in 1978 to focus on his solo career. 

He wrote Adriano Celentano’s number-one smash song “Soli” in 1979. Be with us till the end to learn about Toto Cutugno illness and health issues.

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Toto Cutugno Illness And Health Issue

People are curious to learn about Toto Cutugno illness details after his death. The singer-songwriter passed away due to a protracted illness that she had suffered for some time. 

In actuality, Cotugno passed away at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, where he had been admitted because of the deterioration of this illness. 

He overcame prostate cancer in 2007, but not before losing his right kidney and having trouble standing. 

According to his manager Danilo Mancuso, Toto Cutugno passed away at the Milanese hospital where he had recently been admitted. 

Because of Toto Cutugno illness, he has lost his life. (Source: Wikipedia)

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The artist passed suddenly after a protracted illness that had gradually gotten worse and forced him to retire from public life in recent months virtually. 

We don’t know what illness he had, but in 2007 he declared himself a “miracle worker” after surviving prostate cancer with the help of a delicate operation. 

Albano Carrisi, a friend of his, was particularly close to him then.

Toto Cutugno Death Cause And Obituary

At the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, where he had been admitted following a protracted illness, he passed away on August 22, 2023, at the age of 80.

We are losing a monument to Italian music. Author, composer, and singer Toto Cutugno passed away on Tuesday at the age of 80 after a protracted illness, according to his manager Danilo Mancuso’s statement to the transalpine press agency Ansa.

Toto Cutugno, whose 1983 album “L’Italiano” was well-liked both inside and outside Italy, established himself as a well-known artist worldwide. 

For instance, in July of that same year, it was the second-most-listened-to song in France.

Personal Life Details Of Toto Cutugno

On July 7, 1943, Salvatore Cutugno is born in the northern Tuscan city of Fosdinovo. He began his career as a drummer before switching to composition at the beginning of the 1970s. 

He later wrote successes for European musicians like Joe Dassin, Mireille Mathieu, Dalida, Johnny Halliday, Michel Sardou, Claude François, and Gigliola Cinquetti. 

He performed his songs with the group Albatross, who went on to self-release their debut LP in 1976.

Toto Cutugno illnessSalvatore was an Italian pop singer-songwriter and musician. (Source: Wikipedia)

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The Albatross placed third at the Sanremo Festival that same year. They performed “Gran Premio” when they returned in 1977, and Cutugno has since made at least a dozen further trips to the event. 

He only succeeded once as a solo musician, with “Solo Noi” in 1980. He will come in second place with “Serenata,” “Sons,” “Emotions,” and “Le Mamme” in 1984, 1987, 1988, and 1989, respectively. 

Throughout the 1980s, he was a busy recording artist, releasing L’Italiano in 1983, Mediterraneo in 1986, and Cofanetto in 1987.

Cutugno performed with Ray Charles at the San Remo tournament once more in 1990. 

Once again, Cutugno’s “Gli Amori” came in second, but “Together 1992,” a song commemorating the impending unification of Europe’s admission to the EEC, won the Eurovision Song Contest, placing first. 

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