Spain: Is Dr Charlie Teo Missing? Brain Operation update

Spain: Is Dr Charlie Teo Missing? An Australian woman is required to pay over $100,000 for a brain surgery under Dr. Charlie Teo’s supervision in Spain.

While Charlie Teo, a controversial Australian neurosurgeon, is restricted from practicing in Australia, families are paying tens of thousands of dollars to have him operate on their loved ones in Spain.

After hearing from a Melbourne man who described flying his kid to Madrid and paying $70,000 for Teo to remove a tumor from his lower back, the Medical Council of NSW got in touch with Teo’s medical indemnity insurer. 

The regulatory body intends to notify the Spanish authorities about the limitations imposed on the surgeon’s registration.

Teo was subject to restrictions by the Medical Council in August of last year due to public safety concerns. Teo is restricted because he cannot undertake certain operations without written consent from a qualified neurosurgeon.

Be with us till the end to learn more about Dr Charlie Teo Missing case details.

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Spain: Is Dr Charlie Teo Missing? Brain Operation Update

Is Dr Charlie Teo Missing? A professional standards committee has found neurosurgeon Dr. Charlie Teo guilty of unsatisfactory professional behavior. 

The committee determined that Teo engaged in additional “improper conduct” and improperly charged $35,000 to a vulnerable patient who died after her surgery.

An Australian family, obliged to travel to Spain so that their sister may receive surgery under the controversial eye of brain surgeon Dr. Charlie Teo, says they ‘have their sister back.’

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Dr Charlie Teo missing news is all over the internet. (Source: ABC)

The airfare, lodging, and surgical costs for Angie MacPherson’s family to have a 1.5 cm tumor removed from the center of her 22-year-old brain have cost them more than $110,000.

The Health Care Complaints Commission set limits on Dr. Teo early this year that prevent him from performing his high-risk, high-reward kind of neurosurgery anywhere in Australia except under supervision. Dr. Teo was based in Sydney.

Angie’s family reports that she has made significant progress since the two-and-a-half-hour procedure, which was deemed successful by Dr. Teo.

After seeing post-operation images from Dr. Teo, Angie’s mother told The Daily Telegraph from her side in Spain, “Where the bi-lobed cystic mass used to be, it now appears it was never there.” 

Brain Operation Update And Controversy

Following the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission probe, the well-known but contentious surgeon will now require written approval from another expert before undergoing specific treatments.

The accusations concerning two patients who were given a terminal diagnosis of brain tumors were investigated by the health watchdog.

Following surgery at Sydney’s Prince of Wales Private Hospital in 2018 and 2019, neither patient was able to regain consciousness, and both eventually passed away in the hospital—one patient a few months after the procedure, the other a few days later.

Teo was accused of misconduct during eight days of proceedings earlier this year, including misleading patients, performing risky procedures, and failing to warn them or their families of the hazards involved adequately.

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Charlie Teo, a neurosurgeon, departs from the Sydney Health Care Complaints Commission disciplinary hearing.

Dr Charlie Teo MissingCharlie was a neurosurgeon who was found guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct. (Source: SMH)

The doctor chose to operate on two patients “where the risk of surgery outweighed any potential benefits of the surgery,” according to a Council for Medical Professional Standards. 

The committee discovered that he had not gotten the patient’s informed consent before the procedure, had improperly charged one patient $35,000 before the procedure, and had inappropriately spoken to the patient’s daughter after the procedure. 

Would I do it all over again? Teo asked her. I would, fucking the oath. You ought to feel appreciative. The family has extra fucking time, thanks to me. 

The committee determined that the daughter was a “credible” witness, notwithstanding Teo’s denial of uttering the remarks.

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